Gunther Bjornson

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Clan Brujah
Position Primogen
Status 2+1
Domain Columbus, OH
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Rick Evans


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None known

Real Name: Gunther Bjornson

Apparent Age: late 20's/early 30's

Concept: West German Cold War spy

Physical description:

Tall Nordic man with fair hair, usually dressed casually like a typical Brujah. Sometimes wears a cap or beret.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Prince of West Berlin (early 1970's)
Trustworthy by William Orange of Greater Berkeley
Revered as Primogen of Columbus

Character Information

Known History

Gunther was born in West Germany shortly after World War II. He came from a typical working class West German family, and went off to college in the 1960's. He was active in the West German student movements of the 1960's, and frequently protested the nuclear proliferation occurring at the time.

The attack at the Munich Olympics[1] proved to be a turning point in Gunther's life, which led to his Embrace. Like many West Germans after the war, he believed the Nazi party was the worst sin his countrymen had ever committed. The fact that a group of terrorists wished to drag up Germany's recent past and attempted to cause Israel to once again fear Germany angered Gunther greatly. He immediately joined the Bundesnachrichtendienst (the German Federal Intelligence Service, Germany's version of the CIA)[2] to assist the Israeli government in hunting down the Palestinian terrorists who bombed the Olympics. Unknown to him at the time, this drew the attention of his sire's sire, a Jewish woman who was almost killed in World War II. She found the idea of another German willing to fight for her people refreshing, and pushed her childe, Niemand, to Embrace Gunther.

After his Embrace, Gunther kept up his work with the BND. After running counterintelligence against the Stasi in Berlin for most of the 1970's, his next major assignment as Kindred was to hunt down the Red Army Faction [3]. The Red Army Faction was a terrorist group active in Germany in the late 70's and 80's who openly criticized the West German government for having a high number of former Nazis. The Red Army Faction was anarchist and communist. The Camarilla Kindred of West Germany rightfully believed there to be actual Anarch Kindred behind the group's terrorist activities. Like many other young Camarilla Brujah active in West Germany, Gunther was sent to infiltrate the Kindred in the Red Army Faction. He proved quite successful, assisting in destroying a number of Anarchs throughout Germany at the time. The Red Army Faction, though some claim continue to exist, publicly surrendered itself in the mid-1990's soon after most former Soviet republics gained their independence.

After the events of 9/11 in the United States however, Gunther seemed to sour on his duties at hunting Anarchs who caused trouble for the Camarilla. He frequently worked with sheriffs and scourges throughout West Germany until this time. But soon after 9/11, he withdrew from much of German Camarilla society, and refused to hunt Anarchs any further. He began speaking out against the rise of corporate neocolonialism in the Americas and throughout the EU, and began allying himself more with the Green Party and Democratic Socialism in Europe.

In late spring 2014, Gunther decided to check up on his sire, Niemand, who had spent most of the last decade in Columbus, Ohio. Gunther had heard of the large university there, and obtained a minor adjunct professor position there for a quarter. His sire had recently been scorned by much of the Camarilla for slaying the childe of an archon. Gunther wished to ease his sire's worries, and had heard how frequently Columbus had been changing Princes since Hugo Valentine had stepped up to the position of archon. He wished to help his sire stabilize Columbus. A great friend of his sire's, Eric Kein, had recently been named Prince. At the end of the summer however, soon after the annual Grand Elysium there, Gunther left and returned to Germany.

Gunther suddenly reappeared in Columbus in the winter of 2016. He tells everyone that he was busy fighting the Sabbat and the terrorists in Germany, most recently during the New Year's Eve attacks in Cologne, Germany. He reasserts himself amongst his clan in the city, and finds himself placed in the position of Primogen after a few months, despite his sire's resentment. Soon after becoming Primogen, his sire unexpectedly leaves the city, though Gunther insists that he and his sire remain on good terms.

Gunther seems to have an unhealthy preoccupation with the city of Dayton and whispers of infernalism. If anything supernatural begins attacking Kindred anywhere in Ohio, he immediately suspects that "it came from that hellhole known as Dayton." For someone who has not been in Ohio long, he seems keenly interested in its history, in particular anything notable about occult practices as they threaten Kindred.

He did recently participate in the fight that brought down Jean Baptiste in San Francisco. He said he was determined to help bring down anyone who wished to raise the same grievances the Anarchs held against their elders during the Anarch Revolt, and managed to convince at least one other clanmate to join him in the fight on the other side of the country.

Whatever ill will Gunther once held against Anarchs, he clearly counts a number of Anarchs as friends these days. He doesn't talk much about this, but does seem to know Anarchs from very far away, who obviously do not mind speaking with him. Not all of these Anarchs are Brujah.


None publicly known.


Niemand (Magnus Kohler)
Viktor von Steinwitz
most Brujah currently active in Columbus, Ohio


Tremere who hate Anarchs
Anyone who hates Anarch sympathizers
Anarchs who hate the Camarilla




None publicly known.


several, one of whom is known to be an Anarch

Character Inspirations

Rugged Cold War veteran with a German flavor. Pretty much any action hero from the 1980's who was bent on "fighting the good fight".

Major John Reisman, The Dirty Dozen[4]

The Expendables[5]

The Americans (tv show on FX)[6]



"I don't care what Archon Valentine says. Anarchs are not learning magic from demons. Whether or not an Anarch believes he or she has a soul, they would never risk trading away such a thing to someone else. Anarchs value their freedom above all else. They would never willing give away that freedom to something else, even if it meant having an edge in a fight. Don't get me wrong. There may be an infernal hiding amongst the Anarchs here and there. But this isn't how they are learning magic."

"Despite how sympathetic I may be towards Anarchs, I have always been and always will be a member of the Camarilla. I have no intentions of leaving it. It has served my sire well before many turned against him, and it has always served me well. Any sympathies towards the Anarchs you may find in me are as common as any you would find in any Brujah."

"You are an idiot if you think there are Sabbat sympathizers amongst the Anarchs. The Anarchs are on the very fringe of Camarilla society. They form the territorial boundaries we share with the Sabbat. More Anarchs die fighting the Sabbat every day than those of us in the Camarilla. The Sabbat have to first invade Anarch territories to even get to a Camarilla domain."


He is secretly an Anarch spying on the Camarilla
He is a dirty Cammie pawn of the Tremere spying on Anarchs!
He is Blood Bound to Hugo Valentine
He is Blood Bound to his sire.
He was killed by order of Eric Kein