Grim Caldwell

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Clan Brujah
Position Dux Bellorum, Whip, Deputy
Status 6+1
Domain Ann Arbor, MI
Coterie None
Society Ivory Legion
Path Humanity 00
Player Joseph Mathews


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The Punisher

Real Name:

Grim Caldwell

Apparent Age:

Late twenties to early thirties


Rebel Commando

Physical description:

Stands about 5'9" Heavily Muscled.

Anglo Saxon features with reddish brown hair.

Wears his hair a bit longer on top, short on the sides.

Short beard upon his face.

Generally wears tactical cargo style pants with a T-shirt featuring the Punisher logo, and military boots.

Often he wears Aviator style glasses and a leather jacket.

He radiates a cold breeze and eerie presence.

Detailed Status:

Personal Status

Acknowleged-Prince Guillaume Liechtenstein, 1776

Soldier-Prince Thomas Gianelli Milan, Italy 1943

Fearedx1-Prince David Nanuk Anchorage, AK 1984

Fearless-Prince Montrose Toledo, OH 2018

Fearedx2-Prince d'Evreux Ann Arbor, MI 2018

Tenacious-Prince Monroe Ann Arbor, MI 2019

Honorary Status

Valorous-Ivory Legion

Character Information

Known History

Grim is hardly a man of mystery, if asked about himself he has always been forward with his personal history. He feels he has nothing to hide and is more consumed with killing Sabbat and other enemies of the Camarilla than playing the typical Machiavellian games of other kindred.

He was born in 1752, Boston Massachusetts, son of a mariner, and his mother died in childbirth. During his early years he was tutored by a wealthy charitable heiress. As an adult he made a living working at the docks. His father was killed during the Boston Massacre and he dedicated himself towards fighting for independence.

He joined “The Sons of Liberty” and personally took part in the Boston Tea Party. When the American Revolution began, he fought with the Boston Militia, and was fatally wounded in the Battle of Bunker Hill. As he lay bleeding out, he was found by Rose Athene, the heiress that tutored him as a boy, in his final living moments she embraced him.

He continued to fight in the Revolution using guerrilla tactics and a small group of ghouls from Rose’s estate. Eventually He drew the attention of a Tzimisce Hessian Mercenary, Baron Kaiser von Abstammung, who overwhelmed Rose’s home with Sabbat forces. Rose was killed in the assault, and Grim was staked by broodmates in order to prevent him from throwing his life away.

For reasons unknown to him, Grim was left in topor for over a century, and was not awakened until the year 1911. With his sire gone, he had nothing left except the Cam. He spent the following century making his way around the Camarilla, and serving within the United States military during times of war. Specifically, WWII, Vietnam, and the more recent Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He has established himself well in Military, Law Enforcement, Industrial, and Political circles, and formed a Private Military Contracting Force, known as Shadowolf Industries. After a short stint of running an insurgency in Flint MI against the Sabbat, Grim was Recalled to Toledo Ohio to aid in the siege of Ann Arbor MI.

After proving his combat prowess during the many battles during the siege, he was given the title Dux Bellorum, and is the personal military adviser to the Prince of Ann Arbor.




Road Rash

Leviticus Monroe

Amelia Freemen

Celebron Marque


Baron Kaiser von Abstammung, as well as all other members of the Sabbatt, in addition to anyone who threatens his allies, his domain, the Ivory Legion, or the Camarilla as a whole


Rose Athene (Deceased)





Character Inspirations

Revolutionary War Miniteman Militia

WW2 Special Service Force

50's Bikers

Grizzled War Veterans

Frank Castle (The Punisher)


Balls to the Walls - Accept

Princes of the Universe - Queen

Thunderstruck - AC/DC

Big Balls - AC/DC

Dare - Stan Bush

Bodies - Drowning Pool

Primo Victoria - Sabaton

Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine

Bullet with Butterfly Wings - The Smashing Pumpkins

Pain - Three Days Grace

Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace

The Pretender - Foo Fighters

Superbeast - Rob Zombie

Monster - Skillet

Your Going Down - Sick Puppies


To an alleged Avatar of The Great Old One, Hastur: "Cthulhu is the only true God"

Responding to a Tremere, after the final battle with the Sabbat before Praxis was claimed in Ann Arbor: "You want me to stop at Walmart and get you SAGE!?!?"


-He is an Anarch sympathizer

-He secretly worships Cthulhu

-He believes that Sage has magical Properties

-He has Diablerized multiple times

-Grim is a womanizer, during a masquerade at the Church of Bacchus, he was witnessed entering a back room with Amelia, Georgiana, and Law. Shortly thereafter everyone heard a loud scream from Amelia. Georgiana claimed that they were all "Just having tea". Later that night Amelia once again joined Grim in the same back room, alone this time.

-Grim is in love with Georgiana, and has professed his love for her. She has repeatedly rebuffed his advances, and he tried to kidnap her and take her to a place to wed. She escaped and now avoids him.