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Clan Nosferatu
Position Prince
Status 6+3
Domain Washington, DC
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player David Clark


Greggor as seen at G&G

Alias(es):None known

Real Name:Probably Greggor

Apparent Age: 40ish by the mask

Concept: Pit Fighter

Physical description: Greggor Mask's almost 100% of the time. He appears as a large man with a shaven head and some sort of beard or Goatee. In passing he may have passing similarity to Steve Austin of WWE fame. His most notable feature is a parasitic twin that sits squarely in his chest. Sometimes his twin is masked, but when it isn't, only arms and legs are visible with no apparent head.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Mikhail Schueller
Feared by Sheriff Weinh
Brave by Archon Plaguerat
Influential by Prince Edward Dervish
Knowledgeable by Prince Edward Dervish
Delightful by Prince Juliette Courveaux
Exalted as Prince of the Marble Court
Famous as Prince of the Marble Court
Well-Known as Prince of the Marble Court

Character Information

Known History

It is known by many that he came to the US via Germany. How long ago seems to be questionable however. In 2010 he arrived in Philadelphia but moved shortly after to Baltimore. A common face amongst the many Nosferatu, he did nothing of real note until he moved to the Marble Court in February 2012. Under Prince Datillo he was made Primogen of the clan in DC due to the absence of Nosferatu at Gatherings. After Datillo's disappearance later that year, Eddie Dervish made him Seneschal after he declared Praxis. In August of 2013, Greggor declared Praxis and became recognized as Prince of the Marble Court



Many Nosferatu
Nicholas Logan
Eddie Dervish
Michael A. Samuel
Pierrot Francon


Quite sensibly any enemies that Greggor has acquired do not seem to be something he talks about.




Mr. Grey
Has an accountee by the name of John.


None that he speaks of

Character Inspirations

Germanic slave fighters from any Roman era movie



Greggor :"Information really isn't my Schtick"
Eddie Dervish :"And yet you know more about things that pretty much anyone I know."
Greggor :*Shrug*


The twin on his chest is just a baby that has been vissed into place.
Creates fine crafted weapons of the Bladed and Mass varieties.
Very fond of axes.
Doesn't know more than which end of a gun is the business end.
Is not overly fond of Slink X.