Greg Fields

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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status 4
Domain Atlanta, GA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Greg Fields


The most epic picture of Greg Fields. Ever.

Alias(es): Greg Fields

Real Name: Greg Fields

Apparent Age: 35 years

Concept: High class scam artist

Physical description:

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by word of Prince Moon-Over-Horizon of Seattle
Dedicated by word of Primogen Samuel Jordan of Atlanta
Diligent by word of Primogen Samuel Jordan of Atlanta
Resourceful by word of Primogen Simon Random of Atlanta

Character Information

Known History

Greg came out of the Alaskan wilderness in the late 1980's.




Samuel Jordan
Katherine Morgan
Simon Random
Douma Charoum
Paul Zimmerman
Venis Holiday
Genevera St. James


Jonathan Borg (deceased)
Mel (deceased)
Ivan Sjekna


Independent Gangrel in rural Alaska.


None known


None known

Character Inspirations




  • Greg Fields may not be a Gangrel. Some suspect he is a Caitiff or maybe even a Ravnos.
  • Greg is Gangrel, but wishes that he was a Caitiff or maybe even a Ravnos.
  • Greg Fields has never been seen using Protean. Ever.
  • Greg once went out with the most powerful Camarilla members of Georgia to fight the Sabbat. A Lasombra Ductus disappeared into the Abyss and none of them could find her. Greg took a stake, stabbed into the darkness, and felled her in a single hit.
    • Greg staked an infernal Gangrel with one shot, even though the Gangrel had Aegis. Then he did the same to a mid-air Setite. Greg's a staking beast.
  • Greg is famous among the kine as a pet psychic.