Geoffrey Tanner - Deceased

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Clan Brujah
Position Deceased
Status 3
Domain San Francisco, CA
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Xavier Aubuchon-Mendoza



Alias(es): Geoffrey Tanner, Esq.

Real Name: same

Apparent Age: Late 20s, but roughly used

Concept: Cockney loudmouth thug

Physical description: 2 meters, 18 stone. (6'8", 250 for the septics) and built lean. (ooc: The lower edge of "Huge Size"). Tanner broadcasts menace and contempt as a constant state, straying perhaps near to his Beast (ooc: Bruiser, Obvious Predator). He generally dresses in paramilitary garb and is never seen without weapons

Detailed Status:
Efficient: Prince Virgil Deems
Knight of Marble: Prince Adrian Serra

Character Information

Known History

Tanner was "born to the sound of the Bow Bells," in Victoria's London and is, as such, a true Cockney. He's also mentioned some time shooting Nazis in WWII as a member of the SAS. After that, he confesses to having been a Commissar under Stalin. From there he somehow made it to London to be around for the start of the punk scene and to be an inaugural hooligan for the Damned United. It was then that he has some association with "Razor" Eddie Ogle.

In early 2010 he moved to San Francisco where he caused some ruckus... Prince Stewart of Berkeley ordered him to take etiquette lessons from a Setite, Prince Deems exiled him for beating up an Anarch in Court. However, he's moderated a touch with time and now holds the position of Scourge.

Died October 7, 2011 in San Francisco


Tanner is his Clanmate Mercy's Amateur Wrestling WWE Manager.


Other than his Clan, Tanner is most frequently seen in the company of Virgilia Two-Tails.
Served as a Ghoul to Odette Visconti during WWII, who seems residually well disposed toward her "Limey"
Whether they like one another is anyone's guess, but it is difficult to deny that Tanner and Glory Summers work quite well together as part of the City's law-enforcement team.


Tossers, nutters, punters, cunts, pooftas...


Piss off


Has an estranged mortal child Mathilda Anne Tanner-Blackwell, who was Embraced Setite. No currently known Kindred Childer.


None known.

Character Inspirations

Vinnie Jones (Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, et al), Terrence Stamp (esp in The Limey), Michael Caine, Requiem for a Dream, Trainspotting, Sid & Nancy, Spike (from Buffy). Also Trevor Wallace, Shang-hai Kelly & Jack Sebastien (and may Tanner come to a better end than any of those tossers). "MAKMENDE AMERUDI!!!"


Sex Pistols
Ministry: Land of Rape and Honey
Immortal Technique
"On the ground!"
"Ministry: Burning Inside"
"VNV Nation: Rubicon"


"It's not that I'm racist, or what have you, it's that I hate everybody."

"So, what's it like to be Caitiff, then?"
(spoken to Prince Virgil Deems (before they were introduced), who had just walked into the room and stated 'I am now free of my Clan').

"Everytime he shows up to Court, it's like punching the Camarilla in the face"
(Prince ***, in reference to Tanner's public behavior)

"You still... doing that stupid magic vagina sex cult shite you got into? I sent you to school to get proper married not drop out and... do THIS. Bugger. At least you're not voting or wearing trousers."
(upon seeing his daughter again for the first time since she ran away from boarding school)

"Might I ask you a question, then, gentleman? If you had to choose between between somebody coitus expressing themselves hematicly clearly and passionately, or limiting the debate to just what the jennet's in charge can sphincter ejaculate? QED - an onamasticon ain't gonna fix the problem, me thinks"
(upon being told to use an thesaurus instead of swearing so much on the Camarilla list)

"I love ya, Duck."
His last words to Virgilia Two-Tails before her disappearance.


  • Participated in the Praxis of Kate Davidson, after having been exiled from San Francisco for beating up an Anarch in Court. See also Jack Sebastien
  • Left England after singing a version of "God Save the Queen" (by the Sex Pistols) dedicated to Queen Anne Bowesley
  • Engineered the death of Julius Stewart and ensured the Praxis of Kathrin Braddock because Stewart once tried to make him take etiquette lessons from a Setite
  • Used his ally, Virgilia Two-Tails, as an unwitting decoy to draw attention from his involvement during Kathrin's Praxis
  • Was just an unwitting pawn of the Ventrue who managed to get lucky and survive
  • Won the Blue Bell consolation prize at the first ever Fisticuff Competition at the Looow Class Party in Sacramento.
  • Has a tendency to collect strays.
  • Did not actually earn his job as Scourge.
  • Carries a model of an Ivory Tower with him, and makes Anarchs and Caitiff kiss it.
  • Sometimes pretends to be the Baron of Pacifica, Baron Wolf Howlingmoon the Third.
  • Flirts openly with Shanghai Kelly.
  • Was killed by the Tremere for having thaum.
  • Was murdered along with Elissa Maxwell by an unknown member of clan Tremere. He just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • A riot broke out his funeral, in which Prince Virgil Deems decked William Standford, and Zaftig and Susanna Angel LaRouge got in a slap fight.