Gabriel Phillip Lono

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Clan Brujah
Position None
Status 6
Domain Unknown
Coterie Global Solution Consultants
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Mark


Lono at the Northeast Event 2012

Alias(es):G Phillip Lono, Mr. Lono, Lono

Real Name: Gabriel Phillip Lono

Apparent Age: Late 20's/Early 30's

Concept: Corporate Security / Bodyguard

Physical description:Lono is slighty over six feet tall with a goatee and dark salt and pepper hair. He is generally seen wearing a conservative suit with a variety of shoe styles and either sunglasses, leather gloves, or both.

Detailed Status:

* Acknowledged (by Brendis Kinsley, Prince of Munster, Ireland)
* Feared (Awarded by the Prince of Munster for aiding the Sheriff in pitched battle)
* Loyal (Awarded 2011 by former Harpy of Westchester for aiding the Domain in the instruction of newly made and abandoned Kindred.)
* Cherished (Awarded 2011 by Prince of Westchester for aid in fighting during a Setite action)
* Revered (Awarded December 2011 for aiding the Prince of Westchester in matters of Prestation with a neighboring Domain)
* Uncompromising (Awarded September 2012)

Character Information

Known History

Lono was either born or spent his youth in and around the Middle East, though he doesn't often discuss specifics. He has made occassional reference to a life spent in either the military or organized crime.

He moved to New York state in June of 2011 along with some associates from Europe. Although a new arrival, his effective soon assured that he was winning Status from the Court and became the Brujah Primogen in short order.

After the death of his Prince, Lono moved on from the Northeast without much fanfare. His current whereabouts are unknown.


The closest Kindred to Lono are his work associates at Global Solutions Consultants, LLC. Circumstances have led several of these associates to holding Court positions so he is seen with them often in and out of work. Whether or not they form a coterie is open to debate.


  • Gerard Saint Clair (Deceased)
  • Lillian Kinney (Missing)
  • Julietta Sarantos (Missing, presumed dead)
  • Oz (Missing, presumed dead)



Alexander of Crete


None Known


None Known

Character Inspirations

Lono from Suicide Kings, Lucky Luciano




  • Is a tool of the Ventrue
  • Is not really a Brujah
  • Once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die
  • Has an extensive collection of Toasters
  • Has a whole room just for his shoes