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The Domain of Fargo consists of the Fargo-Moorehead area that straddles the border between North Dakota and Minnesota. It includes Fargo, West Fargo, Moorehead, and Dilworth.



History and OWbN Fargo Information


  • Feeding grounds and clan territories are largely defined by the Primogen Council, although a Prince can grant specific members of her domain certain areas
  • Fargo is a trade hub and it sees economic ties to the rest of the state.
  • The area is home to a number of Colleges and the population surges during the school year.
  • The city has seen a strong and steady growth in mortal population making it a point of contention between the Sabbat and the Camarilla.

Prince's Edicts


  • The Plains Art Museum- The most culturally significant art museum in North Dakota. The building was originally a branch house of the International Harvester tractor equipment company. The converted warehouse opened it's doors in 1997 as event center and art gallery.
  • The Hotel Donaldson- A historic site in downtown Fargo. The first floor is a trendy bar and an upscale restaurant. The upper floors are art inspired hotel rooms.
  • The Fargo Theater- The most recognizable Fargo landmark is the marquee of the Fargo Theater. This theater serves both as a local cinema and as a venue for musical events, live theater, and celebrity appearances.
  • Velvet - a high-class night club sponsored by Seneschal Robert Sissco
  • The Onyx Club - a goth club sponsored by Abigail Adams
  • The Call Center - a business and communications hub sponsored by Berith


City Rumors

  • Deep under the city there is a bottomless pit that the Nosferatu guard.
  • In 2017 a Harbinger of Skulls destroyed the Giovanni Mansion. He was later killed by the late Archon Hanover.
  • Irish the Gangrel was turned here.
  • Pharmogen, a medical complex headquartered in Fargo, is rumored to hunt and capture lupines for experimentation.
  • There was a magical chalice buried here with the power to grant wishes.
  • Some members of the city claim to have banished a Lovecraftian Elder God.
  • They have good auctions here every summer.
  • The kindred of Fargo practice a bizarre contest known as "Car Jousting"

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