Fafnir Greyfell

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Clan Brujah
Position Keeper of Elysium
Status 5
Domain Fargo, ND
Coterie None
Society Ivory Legion
Path Humanity 00
Player [1]


Alias(es): Fattner, Farfignewton, Fenrir, Fenris,

Real Name: unknown

Apparent Age: Late 20-something

Concept: Pagan Warrior

Physical description: Stocky six foot tall man with messy brown hair, a black ball cap, and usually a black leather vest. Always wearing a Helm of Awe pendant.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Jeoffry Holt III of Grand Forks, ND
  • Loyal by Clarissa of Fargo, ND
  • Respected by Wolf of Fargo, ND
  • Valorous as a member of the Ivory Legion
  • Honorable as Keeper of Elysium

Character Information

Fafnir is often the first to offer assistance to a domain in need. He is no stranger to loud brash arguments over politics.

Known History

A ardent member of the Camarilla, Fafnir, appeared in Fargo, ND shortly after gaining his acknowledgement. He has held the position of Sheriff, taken out entire packs of sabbat, and joined the Ivory Legion all within a year of gaining his Acknowledgement. Fafnir served as sheriff while the Sabbat of North Dakota waged war on Fargo. Despite crossing paths with Elders, Kolduns, Harbingers of Skulls, and Salubri he has never fallen. He also often brags about helping bring in the traitor Aethalwulf after he killed Rayven the Toreador.



  • Henry Garand
  • Simon Donovan




Edvard Anderson


Not yet.


A few.

Character Inspirations

  • Thor from The Thor Movies
  • Norse Mythology
  • Vikings TV series


  • "Funeral Pyre" by Greanleaf
  • "Figure It Out" by Royal Blood
  • "Ancient Snake" by Turbowolf
  • "Rather Die" by Barnes Courtney


"Fucking Moron!"


  • Fafnir got his name at a Renaissance Fair.
  • Fafnir has never frenzied.
  • Fafnir is a psychotic killing machine.
  • Fafnir hates Anarchs.
  • Fafnir was once seen wearing a Mayhem Patch.
  • Fafnir is Anarch.
  • Fafnir has offered to house and feed people who threatened to kick his ass.