Eoghan Fitzcairn

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Clan Caitiff
Position None
Status 2
Domain Lehigh Valley, PA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Gilson



Full Name: Eoghan Fitzcairn

Apparent Age: Late twenties

Concept: Ingenuous Malkavian

Physical description: Fitz stands almost six feet tall, with long blue, green, purple, or sometimes black hair usually pulled back into a ponytail. For the time being he has been dressing in whatever people have bought him or he has lifted at parties. He usually carries a messenger bag, of which he is not always sure of the contents.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Annabelle of Quebec City 2009
  • Insightful by Marquess Langley Lehigh Valley 2014

Character Information

  • Expressive
  • French Canadian
  • Has a surreal quality about him
  • Full Moon Silver Irises

Known History

Quebec City

  • Attempted to Poach a ghoul of the then Harpy
  • A Boon was cashed in to encourage him to leave the city

Lehigh Valley

  • Upon arriving in the Lehigh Valley he was put up by Bastion Stone
  • During a drug addled party he was arrested
  • Bastion was killed shortly after this and no one knew he was trapped in the 17th Street Asylum
  • Escapes Asylum and finds the court, where he has been lending his aid and insight ever since.



Depends how much his former home has changed





Character Inspirations

It varies but currently:
Dresden Chronicles
Burn Notice
and I wanted a starting character again



Other Person - "I think of everything as a chess game." Fitz - "I'm more of a CalvinBall kinda guy."

1st Party to 2nd Party - "You are a Warrior, I am a Sage." Fitz interjecting helpfully - "I'm an eccentric half-mad Swiss Army Knife."


Fitz claims he is a white court vampire.
Fitz is actually a Toreador.
Fitz is actually a Malkavian.
Fitz is actually a Gangrel.
Usually wired, he seems like something of an addict.