Ellenor Dears

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Clan Toreador
Position Seneschal
Status 7
Domain Peoria, IL
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Lizz Robbins


Ellenor Dears

Elle,Ellenor Cole
Real Name:
Ellenor Alexandria Matharin-Dears
Apparent Age:
First Lady/Silent Politician/
Physical description:
Ellenor Dears stands about 5'8" wearing clothing mixed with the newest fashion with a sense of style from her past. She wears a red wool coat and a pleat black skirt. She has long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes to complement. She looks very healthy for a kindred and could be mistaken for a mortal. Sometimes she changes her hair color for the occasion or party. Colors that she has seen wearing are: Black, Red and Black, Blonde, Blonde with blue, and good old blonde.
Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Queen Anne
Knowledgeable by Prince Jack Weiss
Wise by Toreador Primogen Giante of Cedar Falls
Salacious by Seneschal Glenn Young of Springfield, IL.

Character Information

Known History

Ellenor came to the United States from the United Kingdom in 2005. Little is known about her mortal past, or even how old she is. What is known is that Ellenor was in some sort of accident during her Embrace that rendered her mute as a Kindred. She can only communicate through American Sign Language with most people or her ghoul, who translates for her.

She stayed in the domain of East St. Louis for a very long time, making frequent trips to England. She rarely got involved in Kindred politics as the years passed by, other than to train her two childer. It wasn't until recent nights that she brought herself out of the shadows and became a part of society. She recently made Peoria her new home and is looking to strengthen her own position there.

Ellenor Dears Copyright Meredith Gerber 2013

Her political History:
She was a Whip in E. Saint Louis Domain in 2009
She became Primogen of Clan Toreador in Feb 2012
She was a Assistant Harpy.
She has trained the Harpy and Assistant Harpy.
She was Seneschal of Peoria.
She was Prince of Peoria for 7 months.
She quit being Keeper after Swain left his seat as Prince.
Became Seneschal of Peoria under Prince P. Boyle of Clan Brujah.



Clan Toreador- "Clan can make or break you"
Lydia Trent- "Known her when I first moved to the states. I simply adore her"
William Henry McCarty- "Loving Clanmate and dearest friend. I would be lost without him" [MIA]
Arthur Chandry- "A true Camarilla citizen. An honor to call beloved." [Deceased]
Ryan Easley - "Can not help seeing a reflection of myself in her. Except she is perfection."
William Dunstin, S. J. - "Words of reason in trying times." [MIA]
Clan Ventrue- "Remember who our allies are and that for every king there is a queen."
Dr. Rupert Swain M.D. - "A constant struggle to understand and a reminder on what it is like to be a little more human." [Deceased]
Gary- " The only Nosferatu I can say in handsome in his own way."
Murray- "The understanding on suffering and revenge is sweeter." [Deceased]


None worth mentioning...


Lucas Matharin (Deceased)


Cornelius Madison (NPC)
Antonius St. Arcayedes
Dr. Benjamin Jones (DEAD)
Henry Cook
Sebastian Dears
Erin Michel Thomas


Marek Matharin

Character Inspirations

The Piano
Little Women (Amy)
Mad Men


Ellenor Dears:Current Appearance 2013

Linkin Park- My December
Collective Soul- Run
Bush- The sound of winter
Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
The sound of Silence
Domain of Peoria
Matchbox 20- Unwell
Songs related to Story Line:
dave matthews band- The space between
Rihanna- Stay
Justin Timberlake- What Goes Around
Beyoncé - Best Thing I Never Had


"Granted I would prefer to find a suitor in the Clan Ventrue. Maybe it's the high society woman in me and the smell of money that they bring." -Ellenor

"If you can't do it with words do it with a smile, they will get the point." -Ellenor

"ARE YOU AN INFERNALIST!" -Prince Dunstin (Yelling)
In American Sign Language "No, and I am not deaf either I am mute." -Ellenor

"Better to have love and lost then to never have loved at all.' Whoever made that fucking saying they sure never been truly in love or felt its loss." -Ellenor

Saul Good comes and carves art into Ellenor's back of Arthur Chandry and Rupert Swain making out. Twists her head around in a 180 so she can see it. "Um... is this what you consider foreplay?" Saul Rips off her left boob off and hands it back to her, walking away. "Seriously?" -Ellenor


  • Ellenor cakes her face with makeup to make herself prettier than she really is.
  • She says she is younger then she is.
  • She says she is older then she is.
  • She has been blood bonded by multiple people.
  • She is involved with a Member of Clan Ventrue.
  • Her Childer call her "Mother Dearest"
  • Rumour has it Ellenor was deeply in love with the now-deceased former Prince of Peoria, Arthur Chandry.
  • It has been said that she called Justicar Pascek a murderer.
  • She is a temptress, Harlot, devil in red.
  • People are starting to think Harvey Chandry is taking over where his sire left off.
  • Proposed to Ryan Easley of Clan Ventrue in Baltimore - and was told "No."
  • Has gone missing since G.E.
  • Is Engaged to a Ventrue, but who?
  • Performs Scarification in public kindred functions.
  • Killed Garruk of Clan Gangrel to prove devotion to her lover.
  • Gave the Prince seat to Dr. Rupert Swain M.D., the reason is still unknown to some.
  • Has been traveling around the coast visiting a male Companion, NOT VENTRUE!?
  • Is a whore. Dirty, filthy, diseased ridden whore.
  • Fell in love with Dr. Rupert Swain M.D. and refuses to acknowledge he manipulated her.
  • Ever since the break up with Swain, she has been on a killing spree... Demons, Sabbat, whatever she can get her blades in.
  • Her safe word in the bedroom is "Saul Good."
  • Her muteness was fixed with Vicissitude
  • Her muteness was fixed with magic