Elias Beecher

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Clan Tremere
Position None (Tremere only - Regent)
Status 6
Domain Frequents the Ohio Region
Coterie None
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 00
Player [elias.beecher@gmail.com]



None Used

Real Name:


Apparent Age:

10 Years Old

Physical description:

A 10 year old boy with blond-brown hair, a slight build, and an omnipresent set of glasses and 'Slytherin' scarf. Looks a bit like the protagonist of the movie 'A Christmas Story', albeit with a pale complexion to match his humanity level.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

It is largely unknown to Kindred society how it is that Elias Beecher came to become Embraced, but his nature is clear to anyone who meets him -- he was embraced long before full physical maturity, at the approximate age of 10. If there was a specific reason as to why a member of Clan Tremere thought a boy of that age would make an acceptable addition to the clan, Elias rarely speaks of it, and his clan has offered no specific opinion. Regardless, in a century of existence, Elias Beecher has apparently proven his worth to his Clan and they permit him to exist.

Elias is known as a scientist and researcher of a very controversial topic -- beings commonly referred to as demons. His admitted expertise in affairs concerning such beings has placed a notable stigma on his name within the Camarilla, and despite a litany of accomplishments and associated standing, rumors about the true nature of his expertise combined with his physical appearance makes Elias the favored target of malicious gossip.

If such whispers trouble Elias, he does not often show it. He has a well developed, sarcastic sense of humor that he does not hesitate to invoke, and his expertise, while considered controversial, have left no few Kindred in fear of his capabilities. He presents himself as a polite, professional scholar who professes a genuine desire to ensure the safety of the Camarilla through ensuring demonic entities do not trouble its members. The truth of that claim, however, is anyone's guess.

Recently, Elias was known to be involved with the cadre of Kindred who recently contained the artifact called 'the Eye of Hazmiel', allegedly just before the wielder wrought tremendous devastation . Many people scoff at the notion that a Kindred of such questionable reputation 'saved the world', but whatever happened in New Orleans, Elias emerged with a new focus on this potent object and what it could mean for the kine and Kindred world alike.


Elias Beecher is rumored to be part of a Tremere sub-group that deals specifically with researching -- and occasionally confronting -- demonic beings. Some accuse this group of practicing infernalism, though Beecher stridently denies he engages in such behavior or would tolerate the presence of any who did. Regardless, it is said that Elias may have a position of authority in that group, but as the supposed members are rather tight lipped on the matter, it is hard to determine the truth.



Most Children of Haqim





None Known

Character Inspirations

Higure from Blood Alone

Abby from Let Me In

A healthy dose of X-Files meets H.P. Lovecraft



"Oh, a short joke at my expense. How nuanced and unexpected. I will not retaliate though, as I endeavor not to abuse the mentally infirm" .

"I am a scientist, not a 3rd Edition Paladin here to smite evil with my holy broadsword. Leave the high and mighty theatrics to the morally overcompensating. "

"I thought I would never say this, but here it is. I...require an adult." -- As Sheriff of Baltimore, when in need of an 'adult' Kindred to cover his appearance somewhere.

"I saved the world, you know. A thank you now and again would be nice."


  • Elias Beecher is very commonly rumored to be an infernalist, though the Tremere Justicar's office has officially denied this.
  • Elias Beecher is a evil little boy who killed all his siblings before being embraced.
  • Elias still has a scrap of his baby blanket from his mortal childhood, and if parted from it, sleeps fitfully and has terrible nightmares. The one Tremere who discovered this died shortly thereafter under mysterious circumstances.
  • Has never learned how to drive a car. Can't reach the pedals anyway
  • Once met a Malkavian he liked.
  • Sleeps with a teddy bear named Uncle Joey.
  • Embraced a 9 year old so that he could feel like someone's elder.
  • Forces said 9 year old to perform lascivious acts in exchange for Dark Thaum.
  • While collecting rare ritual components, Elias was once forced to sneak into a White Snake concert. Even though the components were located within 10 minutes, he remained until the very end thus beginning his filthy obsession with 80's hair bands. Winger is rumored to be his favorite.
  • Most Assamites hate Elias due to his rumored infernalism, but he has maintained an odd friendship with Jimbo Johnson, apparently because Elias enjoyed his movies for the 'keen existential statements they make'.
  • Due to their physical similarities and seemingly close relationship, some believe Erin Landen may be his mother ... and sire.