Elias Beecher

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Clan Tremere
Position Archon
Status 6+2
Domain Frequents the Ohio Region
Coterie None
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 00
Player [elias.beecher@gmail.com]


Picture courtesy of Meredith Gerber


None Used

Real Name:


Apparent Age:

10 Years Old

Physical description:

A 10 year old boy with blond-brown hair, a slight build, and an omnipresent set of glasses and 'Slytherin' scarf. Looks a bit like the protagonist of the movie 'A Christmas Story', albeit with a pale complexion to match his humanity level.

Detailed Status:

(Tremere Only: Regent of the Fifth Circle, under Lord Joseph Keys)

Character Information

Known History

It is largely unknown to Kindred society how it is that Elias Beecher came to become Embraced, but his nature is clear to anyone who meets him -- he was embraced long before full physical maturity, at the approximate age of 10. If there was a specific reason as to why a member of Clan Tremere thought a boy of that age would make an acceptable addition to the clan, Elias rarely speaks of it, and his clan has offered no specific opinion. Regardless, in a century of existence, Elias Beecher has apparently proven his worth to his Clan and they permit him to exist.

Elias is known as a scientist and researcher of a very controversial topic -- beings commonly referred to as demons. His admitted expertise in affairs concerning such beings has placed a notable stigma on his name within the Camarilla, and despite a litany of accomplishments and associated standing, rumors about the true nature of his expertise combined with his physical appearance makes Elias the favored target of malicious gossip.

If such whispers trouble Elias, he does not often show it. He has a well developed, sarcastic sense of humor that he does not hesitate to invoke, and his expertise, while considered controversial, have left no few Kindred in fear of his capabilities. He presents himself as a polite, professional scholar who professes a genuine desire to ensure the safety of the Camarilla through ensuring demonic entities do not trouble its members. The truth of that claim, however, is anyone's guess.

Recently, Elias was known to be involved with the cadre of Kindred who recently contained the artifact called 'the Eye of Hazmiel', allegedly just before the wielder wrought tremendous devastation . Many people scoff at the notion that a Kindred of such questionable reputation 'saved the world', but whatever happened in New Orleans, Elias emerged with a new focus on this potent object and what it could mean for the kine and Kindred world alike.

In April 2011, to the amazement of much of the Kindred world, Elias Beecher was named an Archon to Justicar Maris Streck. Many wonder what dire peril the world must be in for the Justicar to turn to such a questionable figure for assistance, but it is clear that Beecher has wasted no time in getting to work. The new Archon has been seen in a number of domains across North America since his appointment, often in the company of Jacob Black, interrogating a number of Kindred ... none of which have emerged from such questioning to be seen again. For better or for worse, this has only increased Beecher's dread reputation.

In July 2011, Beecher attended the Conclave in Columbus as Justicar Streck's representative. This astonished many observers, including the Malkavians present. He continues to travel the country, investigating cases of demonic activity and infernalism in Kindred society.

After the chaos of the events in Hartford in November of 2011, Beecher seems to have undergone a sudden change. He wrote an emotional letter to the Camarilla forum regarding the death of Erin Landen and publicly admitted to the existence of the Horned Society -- a poorly kept secret, but a significant change in previous policy. He seems more dedicated then ever in his efforts to stamp out infernalism in the Camarilla, and seems more prone to confronting it with violence then his usual scientific separation.


Elias Beecher is rumored to be part of a Tremere sub-group that deals specifically with researching -- and occasionally confronting -- demonic beings. Some accuse this group of practicing infernalism, though Beecher stridently denies he engages in such behavior or would tolerate the presence of any who did. Regardless, it is said that Elias may have a position of authority in that group, but as the supposed members are rather tight lipped on the matter, it is hard to determine the truth.

In 2011, with a worldwide increase in demonic and infernal activity, this group has allegedly expanded its membership and is now working on dozens of 'open cases' attempting to both stem the tide of this new plague, as well as understand its origins.

After the death of Erin Landen, Beecher admitted to this group's existence, as well as its common name -- The Horned Society.







None Known

Character Inspirations

Remember, you are talking to someone who looks like this.

Higure from Blood Alone

Abby from Let Me In

Regent Nikoli from Chicago by Night

A healthy dose of X-Files meets H.P. Lovecraft


"Secret" -- The Pierces

"Half The Man" -- Methodic Doubt & Kopius Few

"Strange Times" -- Black Keys

"Adagio in G Minor" -- Tomaso Albinoni

"Piano Sonata D.960" -- Franz Schubert

"String Quartet In C-Sharp Minor, Op. 131" -- Ludwig Von Beethoven


"Oh, a short joke at my expense. How nuanced and unexpected. I will not retaliate though, as I endeavor not to abuse the mentally infirm" .

"I am a scientist, not a 3rd Edition Paladin here to smite evil with my holy broadsword. Leave the high and mighty theatrics to the morally overcompensating. "

"I thought I would never say this, but here it is. I...require an adult." -- As Sheriff of Baltimore, when in need of an 'adult' Kindred to cover his appearance somewhere.

"I saved the world, you know. A thank you now and again would be nice."

"To His Avian Excellency, Justicar Cock Robin: I hereby release you from the obligations of the Major Boon that has been awarded to me. I seek nothing in return. I ask for no concession, no consideration, no resource, and no favor. Should so-called 'experts' or 'scourges' seek to continue to brand me with false accusations, then I will -- if you will excuse the expression -- be the bigger man. If such figures wish to gainsay the word of Justicars, I cannot stop them from such folly. Instead of a demand made at the business end of a boon, I will extend my hand. I will work with ANY Kindred who seeks the betterment of the Camarilla as their goal, regardless of past difference or disagreement. We do not have the luxury of other options. Let us move forward, together, united in purpose." -- Part of a letter to the Camarilla forums in April 2011

"You will answer my questions. You will do so in a truthful and concise manner. Any deviation from these directions will result in severe penalties that would make placing you in torpor and sending you back a distant and unobtainable mercy. Have I made myself clear?" -- To an interrogation suspect, in May 2011

Jacob Black: "I like Elias, but in the same way you like a Boa Constrictor. That is, as long as you can see it, and it is not around your own neck."

Unknown: "I don't know how he does it. It's like he made doing things you are not supposed to be able to get away with into a successful career."

At Midwinter 2011 to a Malkavian in a revealing corset: "I can't look at you, you aren't PG13"

"You seem intent on a conflict with me. I ask you sir, do you think I would have survived this long if I were not capable of something powerful enough that you would rate as a rather minor annoyance? Analyze the situation logically, and if that fails, check yourself before you fucking wreck yourself."

On Auspex: "You never Spirit's Touch things. You do not do that ever. Either it is a useless waste of energy or it gives you a supernatural aneurism. I'm not even sure why the power exists."

To a clanmate that had made a serious error: "To use a traditional proverb of my former home of Baltimore: 'Guess what, shitbird? You have fucked up now.'"

"On November 12th, 2012, the Camarilla lost a loyal citizen, Clan Tremere lost an esteemed peer, the Horned Society lost a capable agent, and I lost a friend. I feel her loss more keenly than anything else I have ever experienced in my existence...I have always loathed the infernal. The idea of sacrificing your free will and your very soul for a brief flash of power and endless servitude was always dangerously illogical to my reckoning. I strove to counter its influence because I saw it as dangerous and corrupting on Kindred society. My previous feelings are nothing next to the raging hated I feel for it now. I will find every infernalist, every Baali, every servant of these powers that I can and I will destroy it without hesitation or mercy. They will know tremendous suffering and die screaming, knowing my name as they meet their fate. Like Erin, I will do this protect you, despite how you might loathe me for my appearance, my choice of specialization, or some other damn thing that does not matter – because what DOES matter to me now is my duty, and to ensure my friend’s death has meaning beyond what happened in Hartford. To ensure my clan’s sacrifice has a purpose. To ensure that the Horned Society does not strive against what would subvert and destroy us all in vain." -- To the Camarilla on November 15th, 2011


Elias seems to have a favorite shirt
  • Elias Beecher is very commonly rumored to be an infernalist, though the Tremere Justicar's office has officially denied this.
  • Elias Beecher is a evil little boy who killed all his siblings before being embraced.
  • Elias still has a scrap of his baby blanket from his mortal childhood, and if parted from it, sleeps fitfully and has terrible nightmares. The one Tremere who discovered this died shortly thereafter under mysterious circumstances.
  • Has never learned how to drive a car. Can't reach the pedals anyway
  • Once met a Malkavian he liked.
  • Sleeps with a teddy bear named Uncle Joey.
  • Embraced a 9 year old so that he could feel like someone's elder.
  • Forces said 9 year old to perform lascivious acts in exchange for Dark Thaumaturgy.
  • While collecting rare ritual components, Elias was once forced to sneak into a White Snake concert. Even though the components were located within 10 minutes, he remained until the very end thus beginning his filthy obsession with 80's hair bands. Winger is rumored to be his favorite.
  • Most Assamites hate Elias due to his rumored infernalism, but he has maintained an odd friendship with Jimbo Johnson, apparently because Elias enjoyed his movies for the 'keen existential statements they make'.
  • Due to their physical similarities and seemingly close relationship, some believe Erin Landen may be his mother ... and sire.
  • He may be the most Feared member of the Camarilla ever, if several former Princes are anything to go by.
  • Is trying to combine forces with other infernal/demonic experts in the Camarilla to combat the Baali plague, but most refuse to work with him due to his past reputation.
  • Frequently seen sporting a 'Magneto was Right' T shirt. Beecher seems to find the fictional character's beliefs regarding the tendency of the masses to fear and destroy what is different to be applicable to his own situation, and wears the shirt as a sort of political statement. On the other hand, Elias might just be a supervillan.
  • Some whisper that Elias has become dangerously emotional since Erin Landen passed, leading him to gather all the allies he can for a dangerous gamble to confront the cause of of the widespread increase of infernalism in the Camarilla.
  • He seems to have a friendly relationship with Michael Crison, allegedly because they were both embraced as children and are both Archons. They were even overheard joking about attending the New Orleans Gathering with one riding the others shoulders so they could be a 'full sized Archon with all of the crazy magical powers'.
  • He refuses to use Tremere rituals that allow aging because he likes to use his lack of physical age to his advantage.
  • Elias enjoys baiting people in letters concerning political discourse, most especially if they have never met in person--the look on their face when greeted for the first time by his immature appearance is priceless. In fact, he always has a ghoul nearby to take a snapshot of the dropped jaws.
  • Elias goes trick-or-treating. Every year. He rotates between being a robot and a dinosaur.
  • While a very talented thaumaturge, Elias's real talent lies in baking. He once cashed in a boon for lessons form Paula Deen.
  • Always wins at limbo.
  • Elias can't wait until the seventies--with platform shoes for everyone--comes back into fashion.