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Clan Nosferatu
Position ???
Status 0
Domain ???
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Mikal


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Wouldn't you like to know?

Real Name: ...

Apparent Age: Nosferatu age


Physical description: Not many are left who have seen him without his mask.

Detailed Status:

Stripped of all standing by Justicar Jaroslav Pascek for failing to appear before him as requested.

Character Information

Known History

Served as Harpy in the domain of Winona for nearly five years

Has slain demons in the domains of Winona, Green Bay, and LaCrosse on numerous occasions

Freed the domain of LaCrosse from Sabbat influence in 2005 to be the first to claim Praxis of the domain in over twenty years

Disappeared in 2008



We shall see won't we?


Demons, Lupines, the Sabbat, and various members of the Camarilla who allow themselves to believe anything they are told...



Numerous and belligerent


Character Inspirations



"You vex me. I am now vexed."

"I am fairly certain you have NO idea what you are in fact dealing with. I however suffer from no such ignorance."


Has built and operates a virtually inescapable prison for supernaturals. Many would be shocked at who is still alive and doing "time" within its walls

Has secret childer who still operate within the Camarilla.

Is right behind you!

Is one of those who betrayed Chester Black - creating the final linchpin which caused Chester's downfall and destruction.

Is of the lineage of Baba Yaga.