Dimitri Marcellus

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Clan Nosferatu
Position None
Status 1
Domain Norfolk, VA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player MarkO.


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Apparent Age: Can't really tell

Concept: Information wrangler, If you know a guy, he's the guy.

Physical Description: Usual appearance is a slender guy in skinny corduroys, a black vest, button-up shirt with popped collars, rolled up sleeves, glasses, and a flatcap. Actual appearance is a straggly grey-skinned creature with sunken flesh and no hair. He has permanent fangs and his fingers divide all the way back to his wristbones, making his fingers look longer than they are. His ears are pointed and lobeless.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged, by word of Erasmus, Prince of Fredericksburg, 2003

Character Information

Known History

Dimitri Marcellus was embraced by Jenna, childe of Archimedes in the Warrens of Fredericksburg before it fell to the Sabbat. He came topside long enough to gain Acknowledgement from Prince Erasmus, and observed the doings of the court, helping out as he could until the Sabbat stormed the city, devoured the Primogen, unleashed monstrous Vicissitude-twisted nightmares, and killed or drove off the Camarilla Kindred in the area. Overmatched physically, Dimitri went down below and stayed there for ten years, feeding on rats, sewer workers, homeless, and the occasional random animal or forbidden places enthusiast that wandered in. He tended to business in the sewers, serving the needs of Archimedes and the rest of the clan until recently, when Camarilla interests began to take root once again.






Maybe. Ask Jenna.

Character Inspirations

Quark or Garak from Deep Space Nine, depending on what's going on.
Benny from The Mummy
The Merovingian from The Matrix


"I'll find out for ya."


Knows the ancient language of the city of Atlantis, where Nosferatu could walk freely among Kindred and Kine alike, and were respected for their wisdom and strength.