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Clan Caitiff
Position Sheriff
Status 4+1
Domain La Crosse, WI
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Mikal


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El Chingon Macho

Real Name:

Apparent Age: mid-twenties

Concept: Suave Mexican Cartel running Luchadore

Physical description: Strong, handsome, beuno in every way! With the mask on and in his "El Chingon Macho" persona he has Fame 4

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Not much is clear on Diego's earliest nights as a Kindred. Most of what people know is what they see on EWW PPVs and television programming. A charismatic luchadore who's high flying ultra-violent style has been a fan favorite in EWW since he moved to the "special" federation in the early 90's. El Chingon Macho is know by fans as a persona of heritage in Mexican wrestling with a long family tradition. Without the mask "Diego" had another family tradition. The business of business in Mexico is not mutually exclusive from organized crime, but for Diego that was how he was raised.

He spent first few decades independent of sect, but keeping himself free of the Sabbat by doing favors for clan Giovanni in return for the knowledge of where and what to avoid. Not only being an EWW star, but also a promoter he also made himself low priority as the "Sci-Fi" wrestling has fans across political lines.

He was convinced to join the Camarilla in the domain of Winona and given the opportunity to build something a bit more permanent by being a part of something to protect and build. Now the task before him is proving himself beyond his pedigree. A task that Diego is quite grateful for. After all there is nothing more boring and less satisfying than having things handed to you. Exceeding expectations is what Diego does best, just ask him.




Who could possibly hate someone such as Diego? JUST LISTEN TO THAT AUDIENCE CHANT MY NAME!!!





Character Inspirations

  • Antonio Banderas
  • La Parka
  • Michael Corleone






"I am Diego, it is of course fabulous to meet me!"

On the vampiric condition- "We are animated corpses that drink blood and crap magic, don't over think it amigo!"

"Of course I have a plan! It, like myself, is awesome!"


  • Diego once gave a tiger a pile-driver. Oh yeah! Dig it!
  • At one point Diego agreed to join the sabbat to save himself. He later escaped and fled back to the Camarilla "before anything bad could happen."
  • Thanks to Diego it has been months since any Elysiums blew up in La Crosse.
  • It is ACTUALLY fabulous to meet him, just like he says!
  • Thanks to his wrestling career has strong control over the local media which he uses to help stabilize the domain of La Crosse.