David Church

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Clan Gangrel
Position Deceased
Status 0
Domain Griffin, GA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Axl


Alias(es): Unknown, if any
Real Name: David Church
Apparent Age: Late 30's to early 40's
Concept: Bad Cop

Physical description: Church was the obvious bad guy when you entered the room. Anyone foolish to ignore him, probably regreted it later. Wearing a simple black t-shirt under a high-end Italian suit, it was clear he had access to money, but absolutely no desire to use it to actually look stylish. Like a swine in pearls, anything that Church wore did not seem to suit his style, while at the same time had to be unreasonably over priced. Standing an even 6 foot tall, blonde hair with blue eyes with wire frame glasses, Church turned heads with his direct attitude and willingness to simplify everything to some form of threat or violence. High priced thugs are still high priced thugs, even when you put them in $1000 suits.

Detailed Status:
* Prince Vincent St. John stripped David Church of his Dutiful the month before he was killed
* Prior to his Death Prince Vincent St. John stripped David Church of his Acknowledgement

Character Information

Church was the self-admitted and obvious Bad Cop to Vincent St. John's Good Cop. Self-described as an "associate of clan Ventrue", many in Griffin believed that Church was a ghoul or perhaps a caitiff before it was finally revealed he was a Gangrel. His outward shows of loyalty to the Ventrue were obvious, and when not on a mission for the Ventrue, he could be found in their presence. Good dog, Church, good dog.

Known History

Arriving in Griffim a month or two after Vincent St. John, Church instantly took the role of St. John's muscle. While St. John was loved and an outstanding Keeper of Elysium, Church was the person who took you outside to beat you to a pulp for breaking Elysium or otherwise being bad. When the city mobilized to deal with various threats, it was easily to find Church with his custom artillery sniper rifle shooting from extreme long range at the enemy. When visiting Giovanni Elders violated the sanctity of Elysium, it was Church who faced off with them to demand satisfaction on behalf of the city.

Eventually, politics turned on the sitting Prince Cross, and in an altercation at the Griffin Country Club, Church pulled out a large hand gun and blew off half of Prince Cross's face, placing the Brujah Prince in torpor. Moments before both Vincent St. John and David Church had both declared their intention to take the throne from Prince Cross. Once the dust settled, Church held Wolf Claws to the torpored Lucien Cross threatening to destroy him. Later in the evening, Church is believed to have taken Lucien Cross from the temporary Elyisum of the Country Club under the orders of the new Prince, Vincent St. John.

The following month it was discovered that Church had diablerized Lucien Cross. Prince St. John claimed no knowledge of this act, and angered by the obvious breech of faith stripped David Church of his Acknowledgement. While not formerly calling a Blood Hunt, the lack of Acknowledgement before the Camarilla was all that was necessary for the Brujah of Griffin to get their revenge. Later in the evening, clan Brujah appeared with an obvious Gangrel, staked, dressed in David Church's clothing, claiming they had captured the rogue diablerist. Many present who had seen David Church's true face would later confirm that the staked body delivered by the Brujah was David Church.

While various authorities argued about what to do with the body, it lay there staked. Suddenly, without warning or source, the body disintegrated, turning to dust. And so passed David Church. Later during the evening the still novice to his throne Prince St. John stood before his city and declared that the bag of ashes was David Church. He declared that death of David Church, a close ally, was proof of his commitment to the city and the prices he was willing to pay in order to see it peaceful and justice be done.

In early May 2013, Lucien Cross returned from the grave and challenged Prince St. John for his throne. Lucien Cross claimed that Church had not been dead until recently, but was in fact actually dead now, this time, for sure, so he thinks. The return of both Lucien Cross and claims that Church had survived his initial apparent death were shocking, no less shocking than the Praxis and the fallout thereof. Who is dead and who is alive seems to be of great confusion in Griffin of late.


Clan Ventrue



Enemies of Clan Ventrue.
Enemies of the Camarilla.







Character Inspirations

  • David Kendrick



  • "Enough of this bullshit. I declare Praxis."


  • Prince Vincent St. John betrayed David Church in order to appease Clan Brujah which was going to kill him if he did not.
  • Church was ordered by other Ventrue Princes in Georgia to diablerize Lucien Cross in order to dishearten all the Brujah of Georgia in order to keep the rabble under control.
  • Prince Vincent St. John granted Right of Amaranth as reward and as return for Church removing Lucien Cross.
  • Prince Vincent St. John granted Right of Amaranth as setup to have the Brujah kill Church for him.