Cora Giovanni

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Clan Malkavian
Position None
Status 4+1
Domain Atlanta, GA
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Player Name



Alias(es): Cora Giovanni, no relation

Real Name: Cora Giovanni (Strozzi)

Apparent Age: late teens

Concept: Mob wife and a very Malkavian Malkavian

Physical description: dark hair, frail build, strong Sicilian features

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by former prince Benison of Atlanta
Insightful by former prince Scott Daine of Atlanta
Enigmatic by Prince Charles McMillan of Atlanta
Dedicated by Prince Charles McMillan of Atlanta

Character Information

Known History

Cora grew up in the city of Atlanta to a Sicilian family. She was Acknowledged in the early 70s, but stayed out of Camarilla politics. When Atlanta fell to the Sabbat, she fled the city and lost her sire. She arrived in Carrollton with (then) Joseph Medici in the early 2000s to join the fight to reclaim Atlanta. During the war she was captured by the Sabbat. Somehow she was saved by Joseph Medici, which caused a long lasting conflict between the two of them and Jon Sebastian due to the means used to negotiate her release. Following the trauma of her capture, she lived in Sicily for some time before returning to the reclaimed Atlanta. Following the Praxis of Scott Daine, she returned to her position as Malkavian Primogen, which she held for a few years before becoming Harpy. In 2008, she married Archon Angelo Strozzi (previously known as Joseph Medici) a few months prior to disappearing. She reappeared a year later, corresponding and occasionally visiting from Sicily. She returned to Atlanta in 2012 stating that she "felt needed." Almost immediately thereafter she was reinstated as Harpy. Together with Lilyanna Salvatore, she worked to reinstate the International Camarilla Forum. She recently stepped down from Harpy to go "on vacation" in Sicily while pursuing personal business.



Prince Charles McMillan
Married to Angelo Strozzi





Character Inspirations

The Godfather


Power in the Blood - gospel song
Crazy - Gnarles Barkley
I Walk the Line - Alien Sex Fiend
Welcome to My Nightmare - Alice Cooper
Chrome - VNV Nation
The Fool on the Hill - The Beatles


"Everyone deserves a chance at redemption."
"Death is a mercy most people don't deserve."
"YOU! Don't Die." -talking to a(ny) clanmate


  • At one time had Prince McMillan (and the entire administration of Atlanta) blood bound.
  • Hates Brujah. Or possibly just Jon Sebastian's brood. Or possibly just Jon Sebastian.
  • Refuses to let more than a specific (but unspecified) number of Malkavians live in Atlanta.
  • Is a sadistic bitch.
    • Which is why she makes the perfect Harpy. At least she keeps things interesting...
    • Has a sweet mantle below that bitchy crust.
    • ...but below that is the sadistic core.
  • Cora will pay boons to keep Malkavians from dying or being executed. Even if they are Sabbat.
  • She has an attic full of staked Malkavians she has collected.
  • Whenever she spends significant time "travelling and visiting family", the real motivation is to break Blood Bonds.
  • Cora won. She exulted in her triumph over former Justicar Pascek's disgrace and Blood Hunt with public toasts and recounting of his sins and those of his former Archons.