Cleo Selfridge

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Clan Toreador
Position Harpy
Status 6+1
Domain Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Coterie None
Society ???
Path ??? ???
Player Bia Tognarelli


Cleo Selfridge

Alias(es): Cleo Selfridge, Lady Selfridge

Real Name: lost in time

Apparent Age: Early ~ 25/28

Concept: Owns nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro, Members Hostess, Diplomat, Collector

Physical description: She is a stunning woman and everybody knows when she´s around. White skin, cheeks flushed, fleshy red lips, long and slightly curled redhead, she haves a curvilinear and hot body,mediun high and always wears provocative clothing and high heels.

Detailed Status: Burn to Learn

Character Information

Cleo is a very famous figure in New Enoch (Rio de Janeiro) domains because your dazzling parties, your good reputation as a devoted member of Camarilla and your good taste talking about arts, music and everything that makes reference of it.

She is the first person indicated to host members of the national and international Camarilla in New Enoch domains because your good influence and contacts

She owns a chain of nightclubs and sponsors some art galleries in New Enoch city. As a night-business woman, she knows what happens in almost every corner of the city and haves a lot os allies to take care of the "dirty jobs".

Cleo Selfridge is the main sponsor of the exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro and another places in Brazil, like de D´Orsay Museum exhibitions that happened in 2012. Cleo Selfridge brought 85 pieces of art that stays in France forever, like Van Gogh, Monet, Cezane annd many others.

Known History

  • Former Prince of New Enoch between 2005 and 2008.
  • Former Seneschal of New Enoch between 2000 and 2005.
  • Former Primogen of New Enoch between 1998 and 2000.
  • Former Seneschal of New Enoch in July 2013
  • Harpy of New Enoch since August 2013


She haves a very strong one. But you don´t have to know...yet.


  • Dijian Ravnos, Prince of New Enoch
  • Elka Leeloo, Malkavian Primogen of New Enoch
  • Graciàn Monteiro, Keeper of New Enoch South
  • Pablo Garcia, Seneschal of New Enoch
  • Major, Brujah


  • Lord Oberon, "The Lord of the Pigeons" (deceased)


  • Lady Victoria Selfridge (deceased)


  • Isis
  • Hugo

Character Inspirations

"We live everywhere and anywhere we choose. The world is our garden."


Carmina Burana - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Petrushka - Ígor Fiódorovitch Stravinski

Parsifal - Wilhelm Richard Wagner

O Guarani - Carlos Comes

Aida - Giuseppe Verdi


Cleo Selfridge

"Há sempre tempo o bastante para mais um gole, ou um trago"

"A essência, cherie, não está no frasco do perfume, mas nas entranhas do boticário"

"Como pode dizer algo sobre mim, sem antes provar-me?"

"Nunca subestime seu inimigo, ele pode ser pior que seu espelho"

"Transformei-me de mulher, a feiticeira, passando por onça... e agora sou uma linda rosa, eternamente vistosa. O quão irônico pode ser o destino."


If you know any of it, probably you heard from jealous lips. So don´t believe it.