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Welcome to the border of civilization, pal.

Hardcore frontiersmen, that's what they are. Even more so, they stay true to prestation. It's not fast and loose out there, they don't tolerate the 'unwashed masses.'

Still, they are some of the most unified licks I've ever run across. Everyone fights for the Domain, no question about that. Doesn't matter if it is directing the Kine, policing the Ivory Tower, or putting a boot to the side of some shovelhead's cranium. They all do it for the betterment of Phoenix.

They are stuck just hours north of the biggest concentration of Sabbat in the world. It's like someone is dangling them over the shark pool. You can bet your last boon that they're a bit insular and cautious. Add to it the aggression from Giovanni, the rampant chaos caused by Anarchs, and the vile Snakes moving in - and you've got a bunch of Camarilla members locking down their borders.

Keep your head down, and your ears open and you'll be fine. Mind your manners, and be useful and you'll excel.

- Aman Gideon, Nosferatu Chronicler

City of Phoenix Locations

Elysium Locations:

Denizens of Phoenix

The Court Officers

  • Prince: Zarek
  • Seneschal: James Pryce
  • Keeper of Elysium: Thomas Smith
  • Harpy: Unnamed as of yet
  • Sheriff: Sir Ryan of Winchester
  • Scourge Not Revealed

The Primogen Council

  • Ryan of Winchester, Brujah
  • Darius, Children of Haqim
  • Kate Underwood, Gangrel
  • Thomas Rialt, Nosferatu
  • William Thompson, Toreador
  • Thomas Smith, Tremere
  • Mr. Price, Ventrue

Camarilla Residents:

Children of Haqim:
  • Kate Underwood
  • Tim O'Leary
  • Phineas Smythe
  • Thomas Rialt
  • John Magnus
  • Victor Scroggs
  • Jonathan Freeman
  • William Thompson
  • Victor Grant
  • Donovan Birch
  • Lawrence Adkenson
  • Mr. Price

Phoenix Timeline

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