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The Camarilla Domain of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas is centered on Nassau, the capital and largest city, located on the island of New Providence, as well the nearby Berry Islands and Paradise Island.

Prince: Nathaniel Bryce, Ventrue

Seneschal: Rogar, Nosferatu

Harpy: Giles Brydges-Pindling, Toreador

Sheriff: David G, Gargoyle

Keeper of Elysium: Aamir Muhammad Khaleel, Assamite

Scourge: Ransdell, Tremere

Primogen: Naomi Roth, Malkavian

Primogen: Lorenzo Valentino, Assamite

Primogen: Fion O'Dwyer, Brujah

Primogen: Gwen, Toreador

Primogen: Killian Isaaks, Tremere

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