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Prince: Leviticus Monroe
Senechal: Dr. Reinholtz
Sheriff: Deidre Cassady
Scourge: Anthony Russell
Keeper: Jyre Young
Harpy: Amelia Freemen
Consul Aiden Walsh

Brujah: Dianne Smythe
Gangrel: Oliver Hollander, DVM
Malkavian: Georgianna Lambeth
Nosferatu: Mr. Stone of Ann Arbor
Toreador: Tess Smith
Tremere: Celebron Marque
Ventrue: Roger Maldune

Voice of the Voiceless: Lash

Kindred of Note

Known Elysia

The Blind Pig
Cobblestone Farm
Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum

Prince's Edicts

All who once held residence in the city of Toledo Ohio, now have been granted automatic residence in Ann Arbor.

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