Carter Johnson

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Clan Ventrue
Position Archon
Status 6+2
Domain Saint Augustine FL
Coterie None known
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Path Humanity 000
Player Geoffrey


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Alias(es): Richard DeSylvia

Real Name: Carter D. Johnson

Apparent Age: late 20s

Concept: Southern Gentry

Physical description: Carter is 6'1", and large for his height. He has dark hair and gray eyes. More often than not, he's seen in business casual clothing, but will dress up in a modern suit for Masquerade occasions, and Victorian era Western wear when he's able to dress where he's more comfortable. In any case, he's seldom seen without wearing his snakeskin cowboy boots.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Carter was embraced in the mid 1800s, and spent much of his early embrace decades under the Agoge of his sire. His first overt foray into Camarilla politics was in the Domain of Gainesville, FL, where he held every city position save for Sheriff & Prince, but including Primogen of the Toreador for a bizarre two weeks.

After the fall of Gainesville to the Followers of Set and their apostate pawns, Carter and the expatriates who migrated with him, took St. Augustine from the Sabbat. Here he declared Praxis, and ruled over the America's Haunted Domain. During his reign is when he began to reach out and travel more, accruing allies and contacts throughout the Domains of North America.

His rule came to an abrupt end with an assassination attempt from the Florida Followers of Set and their Tampa apostates, which drove him underground. Still sore from their losses in North Florida, and pressure to give up gains in Camarilla territory, they attacked Carter during a Princes' summit held in Orlando, FL. It was during this time 'dead', that he was adopted into Clan Gangrel as a cover, and he became Primogen of the Gangrel for a period of time.

Once he was able to return to the public eye as himself, he began working closely with the Brujah Justicar's office. He served as either a servire or an Archon-in-training, depending upon who is asked. Elements within his own clan however, ensured that he instead was taken on by Lucinde as an Archon to Clan Ventrue.




James Lucasse
Erkan Mahir
Kurran DeSylvia
Lady Elizabeth of York
Nathlar Shadowbourne
Orillian Rainstorm
David Rhumer (deceased)


Idiot members of the Followers of Set.


Miguel Gabriel de los Santos


Sriyah Angulo
Ethan O'Reilly


Character Inspirations


Run On - Johnny Cash


"That boy ain't right."

"Well, maybe if they'd stop temptin' folks with their 'super secret' magics that their clan can do, then folks everywhere wouldn't know about 'em."

Said about all of his Seneschals: "Of course he/she is insane. Always keep an absolute nutter as your second-in-command. They'll point out flaws in your plans that your sane mind overlooks, and if you ever leave for any time, they're in charge--which means the populace will clamor for your return, and beg you never to leave them again."


  • Carter is an apostate of Set.
  • He's a cowboy who had an Indian for a Seneschal
  • The Setites of Florida are alternately trying to kill him or convert him.