Cícero Tatu

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Clan Gangrel
Position Prince
Status 1+3
Domain Sang Royal, Mogi das Cruzes by Night
Coterie Paliteiros
Society ???
Path ??? ???
Player [1]



Alias(es): O Caçador/The Huntsman.

Real Name: ???

Apparent Age: 28

Concept: Roceiro/Farmworker

Physical description: Walking always with a curved back almost with his hand on the gound Cicero is a "Mulato" (Born form a Caucasian with an Afrodecendent), his face has a ugly scar and he is usualy dirty and with a hat. He walks slowly and with one os his hands almost touching the ground. Each Step he takes make him do an angry face. His hands keep shaking while he talk and he mouth twist when some words are said...

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Yussef
  • Exalted as Prince of Mogi da Cruzes
  • Famous as Prince of Mogi das Cruzes
  • Well-Known as Prince of Mogi das Cruzes

Character Information

Known History

A little about Cícero history is known, he always tell people that ask about that that his history was ended when he was killed. A Vampire should not have a history since all of us are cursed to kill to keep walking among the Eternal Night...





Unknown Some say Portus





Character Inspirations

  • Beckett
  • Angus


  • Highway to Hell
  • The Devil went down to Georgia


  • "Vampires don't have freinds just useful aquitances..."
  • "Don't talk to me about curse! I wake everynight up to fight against my beast... And if I got weak for 1 second she overtook me and mark me so I will always remember my weakness..."
  • "I don't like to do it... But If i don't the other one will force me to... Thats why I am taking your blood."
  • "Some are made to hunt some are made to be hunted..." by Fenris.
  • "I don't claim this domain with my Stati... I claim it with my claws!" by Fenris.
  • "If you are afraid of the final death you fight harder..."
  • "To know how to hunt you need to know how it is to be hunted..."
  • "Everyone is always making me a fool... One day I will not be the fool anymore..."
  • "This is my domain, you live here while I let you."
  • "I will make him sing like a little bird..."


  • Cicero is too dumb to know what he is doing.
  • Cicero is smart enought to play the dumb.
  • Cicero's sire is Portus.
  • Cicero killed a Tzimisce with one punch.
  • Cicero saw Ezio Armorieri (Former Seneschal of Mogi) burn his prince to ashes.
  • Cicero hunts Sabbat looking for one especific foe...
  • Cicero is very found of the Brujah.
  • Cicero has too many friends among the Tremeres to be healthy.
  • Cicero and Ettore have a long time relationship in business.
  • Cicero was one of the puppeteers that helped in the ascension of Annya as Prince of Mogi.
  • Cicero travelled most of America seeking Portus' true fate. In Campinas he found some weird facts...
  • Cicero is always hunting a prey...
  • Cicero can track anything or anyone and has proved that more than once...
  • Cicero took the Praxis of Mogi das Cruzes by power... And only power...
  • Cicero has aliance with several other supernatural creatures... They all serve him because of his payments... The blood of his enimies.
  • Cicero always pays his debts... And always remember a disrespect.
  • Cicero is dead.
  • Cicero know too many dirty secrets to be allowed to live.
  • Cicero has an agreement with Rafael Vila Real Tudor.
  • Cicero is an Anarch.
  • Cicero is a Sabbat.
  • Cicero is from the Inconnum.
  • Major Christopher Winters is the true puppeter of Cicero's act.
  • Cicero is hunted in more than 10 Camarilla Domains.
  • Rafael Vila Real Tudor is being balckmailed by Cicero.
  • Elias Beecher is the true puppeter of Cicero's acts.