Brenin Neumann

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Clan Brujah
Position None
Status 3+1+1
Domain Unknown
Coterie None
Society M.U.T.E.
Path Humanity 000
Player Axl


Alias(es): Marko Behodecca

Real Name: Carston Wright

Apparent Age: Early-30's

Concept: English Football thug turned political

Physical description: Male. Caucasian. 6'0". Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Glasses.

Detailed Status: Complicated
Acknowledged by Prince Remi Magnus Pompeii
Loyal by José Luis Romanekels, Prince of Curitiba
Resourceful by Ash Morrow, Primogen of Griffin
Dedicated by Membership in M.U.T.E.
Brenin is the Childe of Sovereign Prince Ethan Neumann of Los Angeles California

Character Information

Brenin no longer speaks with a Cockney accent, something he had worked on for a long time to get rid of. Years in the Americas has gotten rid of it except when he is very angry.

Known History

Carston was a social Brujah. Born in London, England. Carston was a talker with a rough past. He worked himself up beyond his humble street thug upbringings and eventually became Primogen of clan Brujah for Griffin, Georgia.

In February of 2015, Carston was accused of endangering the Masquerade.

In March of 2015, Carston had stepped down from his position of Primogen at the request of Prince Pompeii Magnus. He presented himself in open court, off of Elysium grounds. He was summarily stripped of his *Loyal standing by Harpy Ezekiel Cross and then his *Well-Connected status by Sheriff Al.

Prince Pompeii Magnus stripped Carston of his first and last standing in the Camarilla, removing his Acknowledgement, and then motioned to the room "Sheriff. Scourge. Do your duty." Carston activated Majesty and stood there. The room did not attack him. A moment passed and then the body that Carston was Possessing was in was quickly ripped to shreds by several different members of the city.

Carston has been missing since March 2015.

In mid-2017, Marko Behodocca entered Camarilla society and stepped up to help the Domain of Griffin. A resident in Griffin since his Acknowledgement during the late-summer of 2015, Marko was an auto mechanic who mostly kept to himself for the last several years, only visiting with other Brujah on occasion. Marko was quick to be helpful and after only a few months moved into the position of Keeper of Elysium. Marko worked hard, gaining status and becoming Servire to Archon Che Valiente.

In March of 2019, Marko was removed from his position as Keeper in a shake-up of Camarilla positions in the Domain of Griffin. Shortly thereafter, several Ventrue wrongfully accused Marko of being a Sabbat infiltrator (a continual problem in Griffin), and the fire-bombing the new Keeper's home. They moved to try and have the Prince Gabriel Villatoro kill Marko based off their assumptions. Prince Gabriel Villatoro did not authorize this, but instead followed the lead of Archon Rachel Dubhan in her requet to further investigate Marko. Per the Archon's request, Marko publicly staked himself as a show of loyalty to the Camarilla and was taken away by the Archon.

Skip ahead nine months later and now, Carston has returned to Camarilla Society. It appears that for several years Carston's memories were altered to make him believe he was Marko Behodecca, and his real history was restored during his nine-month sequestering. Not truly Carston, nor truly Marko anymore, he has taken the moniker of Brenin Neumann, as respect to the Welsh heritage and his sire.


No known Coteries


Graves of Clan Brujah
Archon Che Valiente
Prince José Luis Romanekels


No known Enemies


Sovereign Prince Ethan Neumann


No known Childer


No known Broodmates

Character Inspirations

Anyone from Green Street Hooligans ( )