Bree Wolfsmith - Deceased

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Clan Brujah
Position Scourge
Status 1+1
Domain Hartford, CT
Coterie ???
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 00
Player Ash B


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Real Name: There's some speculation. Bonnie called her Muffy, once. She's stated she's named after a rockstar, having had immigrant parents who wanted their daughter to be more Americanized.

Apparent Age: Maybe 19.

Concept: Pure unadulterated vengeance, tempered only by a mean streak a mile wide.

Physical description: Bree is a teenaged girl with big dark eyes and muddy brown hair, the length of which changes night to night. Her face is a little blotchy, her eyes have permanent shadows underneath them; she looks haunted and unhappy. Her closet tends towards dark, over-sized clothes, things she can bundle up in and hide in a corner. She rarely stands at her full height, preferring to slouch and try to look as nonthreatening as possible. There's usually a bandanna in her hair keeping it off her face.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Prince Anya, of Hartford, CT.

Feared as the Scourge of Hartford, CT.

Character Information

Known History

She showed up in June 2009 right after her Embrace, brought to the Elysium by Jack Sawyer, the deputy sheriff. An unknown vampire -- a supposed member of the Sabbat -- had held her for a week, she said, and told her when he got bored, he would kill her. At the end of the week, he simply Embraced her and left before she woke up. The Prince at the time, Vivian Davenport, took pity on her and put her under Sawyer's accounting. She wasn't seen for about six months, then turned back up as an Anarch, and has been a near-constant presence in Hartford since then.

As an Anarch, Bree worked with the Camarilla, working with Jack and his friends to solve threats to both the Camarilla and the Movement. She gained a reputation as a fiery young revolutionary, someone who wouldn't hesitate to jump to action, even if she was in far over her head. Her shortsightedness and tendency towards violence aside, she was also known for being "mostly polite" with the Camarilla. She would call up Joe Evans, Prince of Westchester, NY, before every gathering and ask for Hospitality as such: "I'm outside. May I have your Hospitality, your grace?"

She led the group of Anarchs in Hartford with ferocity and cunning, and became known for being able to put together smart plans on the fly, as well as being able to call in a small team of heavy hitters when they couldn't face their problems alone. She never claimed Baron, and people referring to her as such within earshot usually got a cold look and a growled warning.

Around the time of the troubles in April, 2011, Bree disappeared for a week, going off the radar completely. When she came back, there was a marked change. Her anger had gone, the spark of fire inside her had been diminished. She was cold and reserved in the presence of other Kindred, and most of her thoughts seemed to revolve around destroying things. Later that month, she left the Anarchs behind and joined the Camarilla, stating she felt she was doing more harm for the Movement than good by staying with them.

Prince Anya asked her to serve as Scourge of Hartford, and she agreed. The month of May, she fought with the other members of Hartford against a Sabbat siege.




Jack Sawyer

Caia Wickham

Logan, an Anarch Assamite.

Tatiyana "Anya" Pyotrevna

Joe Evans, Deceased.


The only public enemy she seems to have is Micah, Brujah Baron of the Anarchs. The last time she saw him, she shot him in the face before he could say anything.


An unknown Brujah of the Sabbat, if her story is to be believed.





Character Inspirations

Faith from Angel, Dean Winchester from Supernatural. The character took a pretty hard left once she started play, though, and now I'd say she's a rough take on Clint Eastwood's Man With No Name from the Dollars Trilogy.


Light up the Night -- The Protomen

Burning Down the House -- The Used (cover of The Talking Heads)

Immigrant Song -- Led Zeppelin

Hammer to Fall -- Queen

Fallen Angels -- Black Veil Brides

Angry, Young and Poor -- Anti Flag

The Wicker Man -- Iron Maiden

The Trooper -- Iron Maiden

Tear You Apart -- She Wants Revenge


"Being an Anarch is about doing what I want, right? I'm not sitting in the car and letting the men handle things. Fuck this noise."

"Are you fucking high? The plan was simple! The plan was awesome! The plan didn't involve you lighting a fucking car on fire and throwing it through their front door to use as cover! What the fuck, did you wake up tonight and decide it was a great time to be Captain Bad Idea?"

"Of course I know the Traditions. Most dykes prefer a heavy dildo. Masquerade, Domain, Progeny, Accounting, Hospitality, Destruction."


  • Apparently, God is a very nice young lady in a red leather coat.
  • Bonnie, the current Baron of the Anarchs, was her best friend.
  • She once killed an entire group of Sabbat with a fire axe and a lighter.
  • Taking the Shelby from the leader of a Sabbat group earned her a lifelong enemy. Bree solved the problem by running over the ductus with her new ride, then repeating the process as necessary.
  • Her Shelby was blown up in 2011. Her red leather jacket was inside. Bree has sworn to send whoever was responsible into torpor so they can think about what they've done.
  • Nobody invited the Anarchs to the costume party, so Bree crashed the party dressed "like a Ventrue". Her idea of dressing like a Ventrue? Ripped up jeans, an Iron Maiden t-shirt, a blazer, a white tie, and zebra-striped shoes with red heels.
  • Bree Wolfsmith doesn't go swimming. Water just wants to be around her.
  • At the Fall in New England Event hosted by Prince Anya, Bree Wolfsmith was taken to task by Paul Walker for failing to wear a promised My Little Pony toga.