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For characters:

  • Don't put anything down here that you don't want to be know In-Character! Rumors are fine, however, if it's put down here, it's fair game for in-character knowledge. So, if your PC is a Rogue Tremere on the lamb, and pretending to be a Toreador and this is not widely known, put your PC down as a Toreador.
  • You can also put down information on other PCs pages as well, but limit that to the sections on rumors, familial ties (if related) such as broodmate, childe or sire, and other things that enhance their page--not putting in things just to mess with the player.
  • Do NOT edit pertinent information on any pages other than your own PCs, please.
  • You can put in any picture you want for your PC, but we prefer if you actually put a pic of yourself, so that other players can put a face to the character. Nosferatu of course, could be an exception, thanks to Mask of 1000 faces, or what your PC 'really' looks like.

Use this for your template to create a page for your character: Page Template