Bill Smith

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Clan Malkavian
Position Steward
Status Acknowledged, Resourceful (Primogen Ana 10/07/18), Dedicated (Primogen Trevani 06/15/19)
Domain Annapolis, MD
Coterie ???
Society M.U.T.E.
Path Humanity ???
Player Allan []


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Real Name: William Smith

Apparent Age: Lost-somewhere-in-his-thirties

Concept: Human Resources Professional

Physical description:

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged (Prince of Birmingham, Alabama), Resourceful (Primogen Ana 10/07/18), Dedicated (Primogen Trevani 06/15/19)

Character Information

Bill is usually quite congenial and open-minded. He normally dresses in light business attire though lately he has been seen in business casual dress as well. In the Summer of 2018, at the court of Sovereign Prince Rook, he was made a Steward under Keeper of Elysium Morgan Trevani.

Known History

Bill Smith arrived in Annapolis in May of 2018. He has stated consistently that he "transferred in from the Birmingham, Alabama branch of the Corporation."


None known, at least not publically...


Bill used to be seen in the company of Dr. Annabelle Adams fairly often. These nights, his duties as Steward keep him busy and he seems to interact with most members of the Domain of Annapolis and visitors as they appear.




Some Malkavian in Birmingham, Alabama


None known


Character Inspirations

Office Space, Dead Like Me, Falling Down


Hypnogaja = "Looking Glass", Pink Floyd = "Brain Damage", Korn = "Make Me Bad"


<offering a strong, enthusiastic handshake> "Bill Smith from Human Resources, glad to meet you!"

"Ghost One this is Recon One!"

"Maggots Michael, you're eating maggots, how do they TASTE?"


His Sire may have been the Malkavian Prince of Birmingham...or not...

There are rumors that Smith has a family...