Archana Jonsdottir

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Clan Assamite
Position None
Status 5
Domain Griffin, GA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Jessica



Alias(es): none publicly known

Apparent Age: late twenties

Concept: Camarilla era Daughter of Haqim, Plucky Girl

Physical description: pale skin, 5'6", light blond hair, blue eyes, pink and red streaks in her hair

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Marshall Rolands of Manchester
Dedicated by Lucien Cross, then Prince of Griffin, GA (on loan to Harpy Snow)
Insightful by Vincent St. John, then Prince of Griffin, GA
Well-Connected by Vincent St. John, then Prince of Griffin, GA
Stalwart by Saxton Redfield, Prince of Griffin, GA

Character Information

Archana learned English from non-native speakers and traveled extensively in her early life, leaving her with an odd accent that seems a blend of several different speaking patterns. It becomes heavier when she is upset.

Known History

Archana was embraced after her sire achieved full membership within the Camarilla. She traveled to many Domains during her accounting to gain a broader understanding of the Camarilla culture. She was Acknowledged in 2011 by Marshall Rolands of Manchester.

She arrived in the newly established Domain of Griffin, GA in April 2012. She was mistaken for a Toreador by most who met her due to her outgoing demeanor and colorful attire.

Archana was repeatedly mistaken for a Toreador on her first night in Griffin


None known.


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Randal Ratcatcher the Gangrel arrived in Griffin shortly after Archana. They knew each other previously and call each other friends.


The enemies of the Camarilla


Yonatan Novak (NPC)





Character Inspirations


Archana 2.jpg

"The code my Clan follows is the ways of the Camarilla. We respect our elders. This is the way of the Camarilla. We keep the Masquerade to protect mortals. This is the way of the Camarilla."

"I do not know enough curse words to properly describe what just happened." - said after a completely unnecessary Masquerade breach

After asking a Toreador his opinion on the CoH in the Camarilla.
Toreador: "Well, I can't say that I approve of all the rumors I've heard about your Clan's past."
Archana: "Do not worry. Only half of it is lies."

Rumors, Gossip, and Reports

  • Archana is a Toreador by blood that was adopted by the Children of Haqim.
  • She's secretly a cold-blooded killer. Aren't all Assamites?