Appointment of Justicars in 2004

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Camarilla,

On this night, August 18th, in the year of the Lord, 2004, it is an honor to make known to you the results of the Review that has been conducted by our elders to determine who shall serve the Camarilla in the coming years with the title of Justicar placed upon them.

Change comes unto all societies, including our own, and on this night such a change has been decreed for the Camarilla to witness as a whole.

These six kindred have been called to their duty and sworn into office with a pledge to above all place the good of the Camarilla above even the needs of their own, for without the Camarilla, none survive.

The mantle they have accepted comes with great responsibility.

They have sworn their oaths in the sight of our elders and those granted permission to bear witness.

They have sworn upon their blood and unlives to uphold the Camarilla for as long as the Camarilla honors them to serve.

For the Brujah, Jaroslav Pascek shall serve.

For the Malkavians, Lucian shall continue to serve.

For the Nosferatu, Igor Ctarinov shall continue to serve.

For the Toreador, Petronius shall continue to serve.

For the Tremere, Anastasz di Zagreb shall continue to serve.

For the Ventrue, Lucinde shall serve.

Let the decrees of our elders be heard in every Camarilla domain.

In Honor and in Duty,