Amaia Weiss

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Clan Tremere
Position ???
Status 2 + Pres Sire
Domain Peoria, IL
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Morgan T


Amaia Weiss

Amaia Weiss

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 18-26

Concept: "Complicated little Tremere ray of sunshine."

Physical description:

Amaia is about 5'7" and a lean 120 lbs. Her hair is a short auburn-red that flips at the ends. Her face is heart-shaped and always seems to have a wide-eyed innocence. Her large eyes are the pale kind of blue that almost seems lavender. She is sometimes seen wearing deep shades of blue, military fatigues, or a combination thereof. More often than not she is mistaken for a Toreador with her classic formal wear, until she opens her mouth. She appears sweet and innocent, always there to help. She wears a slender ring with a green gem given to her by her Sire. She currently wears a crafts x7 amulet in the shape of an hourglass containing the ashes of the Ventrue, Vincent Harther, and a man's ring on the same chain, presumably also Vincent's.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Prince Faolin Labhruinn (Fay-lin Law-rin) of Clan Tremere

((Prestigious Sire Prince Faolin Labhruinn))

Adored by Prince Arthur Chandry of Clan Ventrue (deceased)

Tremere Only: Apprentice of the Second Circle.

Character Information

Known History

For some strange reason... nothing is available. She has been heard to mention being kidnapped several times in her life and un-life, however. She arrived in Peoria Domain September 30, 2011. She was heard to say she was only two-days-old at the time. She suffered an inconvenience when Jessie Kesch of Clan Malkavian (the childe, not the Sire) and several others took her on "Adventure Time" against her will. She was then left behind in a place off limits to Kindred known for Banes (unbeknownst to her until they attacked). That's when the Werewolves found her. After facing three werewolves alone, Jessie must have realized she was gone, as he rushed back to find her and bring her back to Elysium. (It's best not to mention Adventure Time.) She has since formed a group, "Defense Against Garou/Lupines." She does not promote attacking Werewolves, only protecting the Domain and the citizens should they attack first.

She has shown a closeness to Clan Malkavian that sometimes leaves other Malks a little wary. However, the Zodiac Malks seem to appreciate her being around. Raised in the Dark Ages ways, she is a little OCD when it comes to Elysium. Granted, she has never been Keeper, but she still is first to tell the current Keeper of problems on site in near manic fashion.

It is unclear of the relationship between Ventrue Vincent Harther of the Dunstin line. It is public knowledge that they had been "seeing one another" until he died.

Amaia holds a medical doctorate as well as PhD in Tactical Defense.

Tremere Only: Regent Faolin Labhruinn sent her to Peoria probably to cull rumors of favoritism. He has not deigned to say why. Amaia was his Ghoul for several years until one evening she disappeared. Several nights later, a massive several city block explosion revealed her location. She was Embraced the night she was found.



She has a "Buddy System". Usually seen with Edgar Moore ((Apprentice of the Third)).

Often seen in the company of Abigail North of Tremere.

Often seen in the presence of the Children of Haqim, Alistarr and Dorian.


Cupcake of Malkavian (Whip of all Primogen of Bloomington)

Juliana Kronin Ward-Blackwood (deceased)

Alastarr Quinn of the Children of Haqim

Dorian Faulkner of the Children of Haqim

Edgar Moore of Clan Tremere

Her Caitiff pals

Vincent Harther of Ventrue (deceased)

Catalina Rosenberg of Toreador

Adialyne (former Primogen of Peoria) of Nosferatu (deceased)

Rubble of Nosferatu

3D of Nosferatu

Capricorn (former Prince of Peoria, IL) of Malkavian (status unknown)

Scorpio of Clan Malkavian (deceased)

Abigail North (Primogen of Springfield, IL) of Tremere

Alec Hatfield (Primogen of Chicago, IL) of Tremere

Jonathan Hammer (Primogen of Peoria, IL) of Tremere

Father Confessor Demetrius Cassus O.P. of Brujah

(Prince of Metro East St. Louis) Jericho Fenix of Tremere

(Sheriff of Metro East St. Louis) Pedro of Nosferatu

"The Gremlins."


The bad Garou (Black Spiral Dancers)



Those that have or want to kidnap her

Kylar the Gangrel (Blood Hunted in Peoria, IL Domain)

Garruk the Gangrel (deceased)

Nitz the Caitiff

Former Prince Swayne

Those that wantonly break Elysium and don't think they won't be reprimanded sternly. By sternly that is usually fire. Or wards. Or both.


Prince Faolin Labhruinn





Character Inspirations

Amaia's first incarnation was an evil little Beastie pretending to be a Pooka I played in Changeling. She then became a spastic little Gnome Artificer in Eberron named Momo that was a lot less evil but no less destructive. She was reincarnated for an independent Sci-Fi game in which she was a pre-Awakened Mage using NWoD rules. Still no less destructive. She may have sanctity, but she's still bat-shit insane... and just as destructive.

Sketch of Amaia


((If you have anything in mind you think would work based on your perceptions of her, go ahead and add it :) )


((I honestly can't remember half of what she says, as she goes a mile a minute and changes subjects just as fast.))

  • Amaia: Oh! (hopping excitedly as an idea strikes her)

Eldred to Rookard: It's like a squirrel.

  • Abigail North: I'm adopting you.

Amaia: Huh?

  • Alastarr Quinn of Children of Haquim: Thank you... thank you for helping us.

Amaia: You're my friend, (hugs) why wouldn't I?

  • Rubble: Are you a Malkavian?

Amaia: (laughs) You'd be surprised how often I'm asked that.

Rubble: (shakes head) I wouldn't actually.

  • (The Children of Haquim are brought into the Gathering basement, staked and hurt. Amaia immediately goes into doctor mode to patch their wounds. The florescent lights flicker every so often.)

Amaia: (glomphing the Children after the patch job) You had me so scared!

Alastarr Quinn: (looking over at the group of Brujah with 0_o faces) She worries.

Father Confessor Demetrius: Amaia, why is it that whenever you're around, something strange always happens?

  • (Jonathan Hammer presents himself to the rest of the Chantry and introduces himself as the new Regent. Amaia squeals happily and hugs the man of higher rank. Hammer sighs indulgently and pats her head.)

  • (Amaia marches into the Gathering with a military grade crossbow and fatigues. Those not under the mass effect of Malkavian April Fools insanity pause and watch as she heads to the back.)

Visiting PC: Where are you going with that??

Amaia: Sheriff's in trouble. Gonna go kill something.

  • Cupcake: places finger under her nose) Mustache!

Amaia: (giggles, then places thumbs on upper lip with hands spread) Moose-tache!

(now a running joke with the girls)

  • (At the new Bloomington Elysium to visit Cupcake and introduce herself to the court. Amaia is wearing a semi formal blue dress that reveals her back in criss-cross design. A Setite stops and looks Amaia up and down.)

Jonathan DiMarco: Wow. That dress is gorgeous on you. You are just stunning.

Amaia: (self-conscious) Really?

Jonathan DiMarco: Now you look a Toreador, but you don't have the air of one. What Clan are you, I wonder?

Amaia: Um, thank you! This is actually my Sire's favorite dress.

Jonathan DiMarco: My girls can learn a thing from you. You're just classy. Can I get the name of your seamstress?

(Amaia fidgets a little self-consciously as the Setite continues to compliment)

  • (The creepy Scourge of Bloomington sits beside Amaia, admiring the crafts x7 hourglass pendant with ashes inside.)

Scourge: Why are you wearing a dead person? Is it a trophy?

Amaia: (clearly a little upset at the question, but trying to compose herself) It's a friend of mine... Vincent ... he died protecting our Domain. (the Scourge's pocket watch chain snaps by itself and falls to the floor)

  • OOC comment to the former player of Vincent, who is now playing a Toreador: How does it feel to be entranced by your self?

  • OOC Player of Father Confessor: Why is Amaia so messed up? Something happens every game to set her off.

ME: That's not my fault. Let's see, she was kidnapped as a Ghoul, then two days later after she was Embraced was kidnapped again and left for Werewolves; one of her best friends was executed as Infernal; her boyfriend was killed in a horrible car bomb explosion, and her best friend (Edgar) nearly died tonight the exact same way. I think she deserves to be a little traumatized.

  • Capricorn: Couch Tremere is no longer on the couch. She's more active than anyone's ever seen her.

Amaia: (raises her hand) That's my fault. We went on an adventure. People saw how useful she is.

  • Capricorn: So, Adventure Time? Oh, I probably shouldn't have mentioned that.

Amaia: (keeping composure after a minor tremor in the floor) It's okay. I have come to realize that Jesse was a catalyst for my expertise in Wardings and the defense against hostile Garou. Who knows what crazy thing I might be doing if not for ... you know.

  • Amaia: (to Prince Capricorn) If you should hear news of my horrific death, most likely it was due to Infernalism as I have been attempting to assist Metro East St. Louis' preparation for their war.


  • Her Sire, known for his Oracular abilities, discovered Amaia during a suicide attempt. He saved her life.
  • Tremere Only: She was an accidental Embrace via the ritual Curse Belated.
  • By just hugging Kaylin Winters protectively, Amaia frightened away a Black Spiral Dancer that was attacking the Child of Haqim. Why this sudden action would cause such intense fear from the creature is anyone's guess.
  • Strange things happen around her. A lot.
  • She is the sweetest Tremere you could ever meet. Something is obviously wrong.
  • She spends far too much time with the local Malkavians.
  • She is really a Malkavian that is owned by the Tremere.
  • "The Gremlins" are entities that follow Amaia around and feed off of her emotions.
  • "The Gremlins" don't really exist and she just has psychokenetic powers outside of her control.
  • She's just psycho... but in a cute way.
  • She is really a manipulative mastermind positioning the court into doing her bidding like a bored Elder. Only sweet about it.
  • She began a group called "Defense Against Lupines," and has a Defense Against Lupines Fund that anyone can donate to secure the defenses against said Garou.
  • Kaylin Winters was her best friend.
  • Should she and "Couch Tremere" of Springfield, IL Domain ever share the same couch, the area of effect from their Sanctity may very well cause Paradox.
  • She and Couch Tremere met... but no couches were involved.
  • She and Vincent Harther were a couple before his untimely death by explosion. And Napalm.
  • She and fellow Tremere Edgar Moore have Clan Friendship with the Children.
  • She plans on collecting the bounty on the Blood Hunted Gangrel, Kylar, for personal reasons. And then do the "I told you so" dance because people should really start listening when she speaks up about corrupt Gangrels.
  • She keeps the same Black Spiral Dancer she saved Kaylin from in her lab.
  • On April Fool's Day: she walked into a room of over a dozen Malkavians (that were visible) and left unscathed.
  • She pings, I swear to God, she PINGS!
  • She has Clan Friendship with Malkavian.
  • She is sleeping with the Children of Haqim.
  • The Gremlins blew up Peoria and started the martial law.
  • It's best not to mention "Adventure Time" ...
  • Prince Jericho Fenix is really her Sire.
  • Prince Walkin is really her Sire.
  • Prince Jericho Fenix is a lot closer than just an ally.
  • Amaia and Alistarr Quinn are closer than allies.