Alexei Denikin

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Clan Brujah
Position None
Status 1
Domain Lewiston/Auburn, Maine
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Cyril L.



Real Name: Presumably Alexei Denikin

Apparent Age: Mid-to-late 20s

Concept: Out-of-Time Polish Noble

Physical description: Light brown hair (golden highlights) and piercing blue eyes. Fit build, average height. Has a well-kept goatee. Dresses in flannel shirts and jeans, and thick-brimmed glasses, which more than one person has called "hipster chic" to his face. Often times seen with his szabla at his side (which, on closer inspection, is held together with duct-tape, bread ties, and has a handle made out of a Soviet-era metric ruler).

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by blah (December 1995)

Character Information

Known History

It's very obvious that Alexei Denikin is not from any recent time period, claiming to have been in Torpor for a long time. Alexei has said that he used to be a nobleman's son, and that he lived on a large estate on the Polish-Lithuanian bordermarch (modern day Ukraine). What Alexei has said, however, was that he awoke in the 1980s and spent a great deal of time in Eastern Europe and Central Asia as a gun runner and mercenary. He ran with Anarchs of the area until the end of the Soviet Union, when he decided to go west and settle in the United States. He would continue to go from state to state until the mid-2010s, when he settled in Lewiston/Auburn.

In late January of that year, Alexei introduced himself to the Domain. He has proven himself a useful citizen of the Tower, having filled in for the position of Brujah Primogen and most recently Keeper of Elysium.

Recently, Alexei has stepped back from the spotlight to focus on personal affairs. As such, he stepped down from being Keeper in January of 2018.


  • None



While Alexei probably has many enemies both within and out of the Camarilla, he would publicly declare none to be his adversaries.


Alexei doesn't publicly discuss his sire with those not of his bloodline.



While there's a distinct possibility Alexei has broodmates, he hasn't spoken about them.

Character Inspirations



“There was this one time while running some weapons from Kazakhstan to Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan War where I found myself and my compatriot in Tajikistan. Now, I should specify that I was extremely drunk at the time, and my friend even more drunk. Anyway, we get across the border while being chased by a Hind attack helicopter--- right, I forgot about the helicopter. Yes, so, we were being chased by the Soviets and Mishka, my partner, was driving. If you know anything about Tajikistan, you know that it is mostly desert and flat land. There is only about five trees in the entire country. Well, you would not know it with the way Mishka was driving. The entire time we were in that damned country we hit about three of those trees. After safely getting into northern Afghanistan and protected by the Moslems who were buying our wares, we headed back out into Tajikistan. Now, before going through the country for the second time, Mishka and I decided to celebrate a little bit and had a lot to drink. Well, wouldn't you know it, first thing we do when we get back into that damned country was hit the fourth tree. I suppose the moral of the story is that there is single tree somewhere in Tajikistan with my name on it.”

"I know enough about the internet not to go to 4chan. What, you think that you are first neonate to try and trick me?"

"Poland is a real country."

“I would be willing to hear his side of the story. It will, invariably, be bias and life-preserving, but it would be in the best interest of us to make sure that if we have to explain ourselves we could all be on the same page.”


  • Alexei frenzies at least once a gathering (if not more), which has brought into question his exact mental stability.
  • Alexei was an Anarch before joining the Camarilla