Alexander Draco Remus IV

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Clan Ventrue
Position Scourge
Status 4+1
Domain Savannah, GA
Coterie Unknown
Society ???
Path Humanity 000


Alexander Draco Remus IV

Alias(es): Remus Supremus, Alex, No-Suit Ventrue, Wrecking Ball

Real Name: Alexander Draco Remus the 4th

Apparent Age: 22

Concept: The Educated Gangster

Physical description: Alexander stands at a height of 6'2. He has average looks for a Ventrue, but he has a commanding presence about him. There is a rougeish sparkle in his eye at all times. He looks strong and robust, as though he has never skipped a day at the gym during his mortal life. His arms have a variety of thin, translucent scars on them. No matter how he seems Alex always seems to have a smile on his face to brighten up his own mood in these darkest of nights.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Clinton Erikson of Trenton, New Jersey
  • Diligent by Sovereign Prince Tatiyana Krajnik of Savannah, Georgia
  • Intrepid by Sovereign Prince Tatiyana Krajnik of Savannah, Georgia
  • Influential by Sovereign Prince Tatiyana Krajnik of Savannah, Georgia
  • Feared as Scourge of Savannah, Georgia

Character Information

Likes to play Video Games.

Known History

Alexander Remus does not dress like a typical Ventrue. He was always told that a suit provides a professional appearance and that a professional appearance is what it took to be an upstanding Ventrue. This is where he disagrees with a majority of his clan. Alex believes that it is the actions of the individual in the professional dress attire that determines whether or not a Ventrue is upstanding or not. This does not mean he will not wear a suit at all, even Alex realizes that respect must be paid to Kindred of high positions and that it is best to look proper in front of the crowd. However, when presentations are done, the suit comes off and comfortable street clothes are thrown on.

Alex is a warrior and a diplomat. He is a King who can direct from the back of the lines and he is a King that can fight on the front lines with his fellow Kindred. There are times for peace and times for war, but it is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener during war.



Those Who Are Worthy


Threats to the Coastal Empire.


Jonathon Crawford


Eventually "The One" will be found.


Only time will tell.

Character Inspirations

  • Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone
  • "Princess Bride" by William Goldman
  • Johnny Torio from Boardwalk Empire
  • Emperor Charles Carolingian aka Charlemagne


Business Call


"I am gonna Christen this new gun with that guy's kneecaps!"

"Trust me, I'm the nice one."

"Are you sure this cocaine is 100% Columbian?"


  • Refuses to wear a suit despite the wishes of his Clanmates.
  • Backed over a kid with a car once.
    • The kid walked it off.
  • Almost had his soul stolen by a Fallen Angel.
  • Can shoot the wings off of a fly at 100 yards away.
    • Also, can no-scope across the map in most FPS video games.
  • Is a natural at "Cards Against Humanity."
  • Has a chainsaw he calls "Marilyn."
    • It's always bloody.
  • Once introduced his bloody chainsaw to the Toreador Lesser Harpy.