Alec D. Hatfield

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Clan Tremere
Position Primogen
Status 6+1
Domain Chicago, IL
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Karl Williams




Real Name:Alec Hatfield

Apparent Age: Early 40's

Concept, Original: A retired Indiana Jones.

Concept, Past: Investigator and Masquerade breach fixer.

Concept, Current: A more social Tremere and pursuer of wisdom.

Physical description: Clean-cut and usually shaven, wears glasses. Nicely dressed, often wearing something with a smiley face on it.


Gatherings: dress pants with a collared shirt with a distinctive yellow smiley-face tie
Formals: dress pants, polished shoes, dress shirt with an appropriate tie.
Clan shin-digs: Sith lord robes with hood...we all have one, didn't you know?

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged - Many, many places.
Loyal - by Glen Young (9-24-2011)
Revered by position (04-24-2012 Peoria,IL.)
Revered as Primogen (12-21-2012 Chicago,IL.)
Feared - by Prince Francis Merivein (02-16-2013 Chicago, IL.) Feared as Sheriff by prince DuLac (09-28-02013 Chicago, IL.)

(Tremere only: Apprentice of the 3rd Circle of Mysteries) (promoted on 12-8-2012 by Francis Merevein)

Character Information

Known History

Mortal life: Alec was a Professor of history and a field archeologist, known for his focus on mineralogy and metallurgy.

Embraced life: Alec was brought into <deleted> Clan Tremere in 1999 when he was in Illinois on a <deleted>. It was here that he caught the eye of <deleted> and was embraced. Returning shortly thereafter to Virginia, he made adjustments to his teaching schedule to suit his new nocturnal hours. Though he couldn't continue any kind of on-site archeology digs, he continued to discover new and previously hidden truths by learning the ways of kindred life and the Camarilla.

East coast: Attending gatherings in both the Southern Mayland and Northern Virginia areas, he set himself part from other Tremere with his friendly demeanor and willingness to openly socialize and assist other kindred with their problems. Making several allies in the Toreador, Malkavian, and Gangrel clans, Alec and his allies spear-headed an effort to re-claim Fredericksburg, Virginia from Sabbot control. After many weeks, the waves of shock troops began to subside. Fredericksburg was a Camarilla domain.

Midwest: After <deleted> Alec returned to Illinois only to find many new faces and very few kindred with knowledge of the few kindred he knew from the time of his embrace. Now trying to make new allies among the various clans and anarchs, Alec is facing a similar issue as he faced in Virginia: Springfield, a Camarilla held domain is only 30 minutes away from the Sabbat held domain of Decatur. Has also resided in Peoria, IL. and currently in Chicago, IL.

Alec still has a pet cat that was given to him as a kitten by Nemoria Rossini.

After serving as Primogen, and then Sheriff of Peoria, IL. he then moved to Chicago where he again serves as Primogen under Prince Katja.

After the Midwinter upset of 2013, he now serves as clan Primogen in Chicago under Prince Merivein
After the untimely death of Prince Merivein, he became the sole Tremere in Chicago under Prince Simone Randal
Having been absent for several months, Prince Radal's Praxis was taken by Adrian DuLac, who appointed Alec as the Sheriff.

Pretend frying a local Setite who also attended NOLA




Clan Tremere:

Reginald Stilton - Quite the stand-up guy
Takeda Kirasowa - One samurai I do not want to piss off.
Faith Delgado - Too cute...something isn't right.
Josh Washgow - The guy who helps me do the crap work at the -------.
Jonathan Hammer - Perfect gentleman...too perfect.


Jon-Apolo de Soult - Screw the eyes, do not look directly at his pectorals


Alexis Sutherland - Do not startle her, or the building might get burned down
Philip Walkin - BKK


Francis Merevein


Amaia Weiss


Deidre Cassidy - Best.Gangrel.Ever. If kindred had "BFF"s, this would be mine
Gabriel Sefirot - One charming Toreador
Zachary Rose - So much glitter in such a small package
Nemoria Rossini - A great conversationalist, and she has kittens!
Anna Nevermore - Rest in peace
Kate Kennedy McKenna - What is there not to like about the FF?
Saul Good - We agree on much, and his hat is amazing
Glen Young - What is there not to like about the FF?
William Dunstin, S. J.


Tristan Dunstin - Deceased


Lydia Trent(Cam) & Lydia Trent (Anarch)


Chef Ambrose Berry



The McCoys (only slightly)





Character Inspirations

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"It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it".

"Blaming every Tremere for the war with the tzimisce from long ago is like blaming every spoon for Rosie O'Donnell being fat"

"An archaeologist is someone whose career lies in ruins.”

Paul Walker: Jon-Apolo is the only Tremere that I can stand.
Alec Hatfield: Hey! I'm sitting right here.
Paul Walker: I meant that I have to deal with on a regular basis.
Alec Hatfield: Un-huh.
Paul Walker: In a word, how would you describe Jon-Apolo?
Alec Hatfield: Just one? <joke about nipple rings> ...I'd say..."French". (eloquent, cultured, attractive, snarky, and doesn't like to fight)

Alec Hatfield: Do you think we could convince Dizzy to create a Primogen of Fashion, and appoint you to it? Seriously, did you see what Damien Black is wearing?
Lucia Walker: I could be like the fashion police? <eyeing Alec's necktie>
Alec Hatfield: Exactly...though, I think my tie and I would soon be parted
Lucia Walker: Oh, yes sir it would. Right out.
Alec Hatfield: Still, that's not a bad trade. One tie for a whole Setite.


The "D" is for "Danger."

There is a sex tape of Alec in a three-some; that isn't the rumor. The rumor is that Alec actually thinks other Kindred care.

Was nearly "collateral damage" when the Sabbat attacked Anna Nevermore upon exiting Elysium.

Might be Stephen Colbert's identical twin.

He is working with the Sabbat to escape the Tremere and the Camarilla.

Is State Yo-Yo champion of Illinois.

Has one of Dr. Thornton's "shinycoats" from an encounter with him in Peoria, IL.