2001 Conclave - Springfield, IL

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Praxis Seizure

A Praxis seizure is successful by whomever can hold the Domain. Destruction of the Prince before a Declaration of Praxis is severely frowned upon, but it does not constitute an illegal Praxis Seizure.

Powers of Those who hold Domain

The power of the Prince is absolute within his Domain. The Power of the Justicariate is absolute globally. It is within the Prince's right to exercise his Domain powers to earn the ire of the Justicariate as he sees fit.

On Lex Talionis

The declaration of Lex Talionis is a dire decision. In the event that a Prince must change his declaration, he must forfeit 3 measures of his personal esteem within the Camarilla, for that is what the Camarilla deems fit to give to him upon ascension to that office. (This was later changed to 2 by Masako because 3 was not an option given to the Clan elects.) Note: If you kill the Prince that declared the Bloodhunt, your Bloodhunt stands until the Justicariate feels like hearing the case.

Recorded Media

Recorded media of any sort, containing evidence of our existence, is to be considered a breach of the Masquerade. As such, it may not be used to accuse another of the a Breach of the Masquerade.

Acceptable Methods of Gaining Hospitality

In order to gain Hospitality within a Domain, one must present themselves to the Prince, or in the Prince's absence the Seneschal, in person. Modern communications conveniences and powers of the blood are not allowed to work as intermediaries in this.