1998 Conclave - Chicago, IL

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Here are the minutes as they were recorded.

Morgan St. James Blood of Gangrel

Conclave of 1998

In Attendance:

Members of the Clan-Elect

(as re-appointed by Lord Justicar Lucian):

Conclave Decisions:

The Domains of NWT, SWT and the returned Domain of Evanston, from the Assamite Clan, have been duly dissolved by the Justicarate. Prince Brent Bowman has exerted his right to control those Domains under Praxis Seizure.

Lord Archon Judge Fredd was stripped three (3) status and his duties as an Archon to Lord Justicar Lucian suspended for not following the orders of Lord Justicar Lucian.

The Domain of Milwaukee was officially recognized as a Camarilla Domain imparting all rights and privilages to that Domain, under the rulership of Prince Morgan McNeil.

Tapestry, supposedly of Clan Toreador, was taken into custody and held as evidence against the organization named the Yellow Rose. The Yellow Rose is under investigation by the Justicarate.

Col. Heinrich Albrecht Stuhlman was pronounced duly punished for his misdemeanor and the Hunt invalidated. � The ratification of Brazil Conclave decisions of 1997:

1) The Traditions were accepted unmodified, however it was strongly recomended that Ghouls and mortals be included under the Traditions where applicable. Most notably under Destruction, Accounting and Progeny.

2) In support of the Treaty of Tyre, Assamites are forbidden in the Domains of the Camarilla.

3) It has been determined by the Conclave that Diablerie is Forbidden for any reason and in any fashion throughout all of the Domains of the Camarilla. Punishment, however, is still retained by decision from local authority - the Prince. Authority for Diablerie may be sanctioned on application to and approval from a Justicar.

4) Setites were affirmed as not normally accepted within the Camarilla and thus can never hold a position of Office in any Camarilla city.

5) The mandate accepted under the Brazillian Conclave not to allow Ravnos to hold position within Camarilla Domains was deemed unacceptable for the rest of the World. Ravnos are allowed to hold position within the Camarilla, just as any other citizen from one of the non-Camarilla Clans (save Setite), except for Prince, Seneschal, and Primogen - as mandated by Lord Justicar Lucian.

The Blood Hunt of Marcus Kane, Prince of Kenosha, was invalidated. Prince Marcus Kane retains his four status plus the three gained for position.

Dominick Florent was found in breach of the Sheriff's edict that no weapons would be allowed at the Conclave and was forced to eat his own hand gun. He was also stripped of status.

Wolff Johnson was found guilty of wasting the time of the Justicarate with his disertation on the architectual problems with razing a city. He was stripped of status.


  • Bruticus Marathon Sheriff of Chicago was summarily executed for poor judgment.
  • Atticus of Clan Tzimisce was summarily executed for use of explosives as a means of evidence suppression.
  • Lazarus Long aka Jonathon Scar was summarily executed for inciting an Archon to near frenzy.
  • Marneus McCragge of Clan Lasombra(Note from Rojir: Character was actually Ventrue) was sumarily executed under the Blood Hunt called by former Justicar Karl Shrekt.
  • Four members of the Sabbat were summarily executed for existing within the confines of Chicago.
  • Argyle, Lord Archon to her Grace Lord Justicar Masako, was destroyed by Marneus McCragge during his Execution.
  • Prince Ashton Phillips has been proclaimed under a world wide Blood Hunt for being Sabbat.
  • Gui du Bas-Tyron has been proclaimed under a World wide Blood Hunt for his complicit behavior with the Sabbat and has been found guilty in breaching the Masquerade in regard to the Inquisition and providing Kindred and Kindred vitae to Heametic Industries for study. Gui du Bas-Tyron is no longer considered to be Ventrue as determined and announced by Elders of the Ventrue. The announcement was made well before the proclamation of Blood Hunt.
  • Arcades Daemos has been proclaimed under a World wide Blood Hunt by Lord Archon Haydon Baynbridge by order of Lord Justicar Malaphar for numerous breaches of the Traditions.