"Mr. Long"

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Clan Toreador
Position None
Status 3
Domain Columbus, OH
Coterie "Johnny's Angels"
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Nick J.


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Real Name:
Johnny Longcock

"Mr. Long", "John Long", "Johnathan Long", etc.

Apparent Age: 23

An under-estimated hedonist working overtime to conceal the truth about himself.

Physical description:
An athletic caucasian in his early twenties, attractive, moving with an intoxicated slack concealing a controlled grace.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged in Denver, CO
Loyal in Denver, CO
Well-connected in Columbus, OH, by Prince Valentine

Character Information

Known History

"Johnny Longcock" was a stage name used in a porn film by an unknown runaway in the early 1970s. Having already lost themselves in the drugs & free love of the underground porn industry of the rocky mountain region, he lost his life as an impulse embrace in the middle of an orgy. His Sire had chosen to immortalize his physical form for all time as one of the Kindred, but "Johnny Longcock" felt offended by the flippant way that his Sire would grace him with undeath.

After a long series of struggles against the non-Camarilla vampires of his so-called hometown Johnny learned that the cliche of being "another porn-star Toreador" could be turned against his enemies. He began forming a coterie of childer & broodmates that would use the suppositions of others as a cover. He uses misinformation & misdirection to his whatever his real aims are - though if past actions are any indication he's just out for a good time.

Over time he built up a solid hold on the film distribution industry, & now owns several businesses that focus on distribution of films.

In 2009 he moved some of his coterie to Columbus where he settled in & sent his childer home. Now he has an uncomfortable & unwanted place in a court where he is unappreciated & unthanked. That's how he seems to be happiest - if nobody sees him as a threat nobody is going to bother him.

In early 2010 "Mr. Long" began honing an art form (mostly to get other Toreador to shut up). He is a peerless crafter of all things made from wood.


"Johnny's Angels" - a coterie composed of an assortment of childer & like-minded Kindred.


None living, although Eric Kein has been thought to work with him at times. Several ancillae have allied themselves with "Mr. Long" but they keep winding up dead at the hands of their own Clans.


Christopher Chicano (PC) - a Toreador that "Mr. Long" has had a long rivalry with. Among other complaints about the Kindred, he has been accused by Johnny of being a Toreador Antitribue.


Mossimo Esposito (NPC) - an elder Toreador hedonist.


Several, though none are currently known to be prominent.


Several, though none are currently known to be prominent.

Character Inspirations

Sterling Archer.



John Long is really a European elder who came over to America and showcases pornography to promote the nude human form and try to make it more socially acceptable in American culture.
"Mr. Long" has been seen to cut cocaine with Kindred ashes.
"Mr. Long" knows some sort of blood magic.
Johnny Longcock has defected to the Sabbat.
"Mr. Long" is a poorly disguised Malkavian.
"Mr. Long" was declared caitiff by his clan and just keeps insisting that he is still Toreador.
"Mr. Long" had a sordid affair with an unknown member of the local Malkavians.
"Mr. Long" is actually Sabbat, but people could care less because he is harmless; hell the Sabbat didn't even want him.
"Mr. Long" isn't harmless so much as unbelievably annoying.
I heard someone willed themselves into torpor to prematurely end a conversation with "Mr. Long".
Christopher Chicano slapped "Mr. Long" like a disobedient prostitute so hard he fell into torpor in front of the entire Columbus court.
"Mr. Long" had many of his "masterpieces" thrown into a wood-chipper because of their inferior craftsmanship.
"Mr. Long" had his accountee stolen from him and given to a Caitiff. And that was agreed upon by the court as a step up for that poor childe.
"Mr. Long" is in fact not "long" but rather small and appeared in porno flicks which would showcase is tiny talent.
Likes to speak of himself in the third person.
In the late 1970's "Mr. Long" was forced to retire from the pornography business after evidence of his continual generous donations to the National Socialist Party came to public attention.
Unbeknownst to most, "Mr. Long" is an expert swordsman and master of the martial arts. Many of the seemingly random attacks the Kindred of Columbus have suffered were "Mr. Long" honing his skill from the shadows.
"Mr. Long appears to have disappeared, dirty rumors spread, many revolve around defection to the Sabbat